Obama’s Got “A Pen” To Sign More Exec Orders To “Advance Administrations (Communist) Agenda”

Fascism is as fascism does..

When Bush did this with his 291 exec orders, it was called ‘fascism’ by the Democrat/Communists.  When Obama does it, its called ‘Stop trying to halt Obama, you racist.’  This is tyranny.  How will this tyranny work for the Democrats when the GOP takes over??

CNN: Obama looks to bypass Congress: ‘I’ve got a pen’


Last few presidents executive order count (They all abused this little ‘feature’, but Obama’s exec orders are the most ominous)
Richard Nixon 346
Gerald R. Ford 169
Jimmy Carter 320
Ronald Reagan 381
George H.W. Bush 166
Bill Clinton 364
George W. Bush 291
Barack Obama (first term) 147