Now, Gov Cuomo Says: “Jews, NY Is Not The Place For You”

Now, Gov Cuomo Says: “Jews, NY Is Not The Place For You” [Dramatic satire.]

..And a totalitarian by any other name is a liberal.

No, Cuomo didn’t say “Jews, get out of NY”  but what is the difference between what he is saying to conservatives as compared to what was said to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany? OR what the English said to the Irish immigrants in the early 1900’s, NYC?  ETC !  Face the facts, you filthy ‘liberals’,  YOU are the bigots.

What was really said:  “Who are they?” Cuomo said. “Right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”


He also says that conservatives are ‘extremists’.  Yeah, right.. We want to save innocent babies, he is for babies being murdered.  He is the damned murdering extremist.

In 2009, a Gallup poll found pro-lifers had become the new majority in the United States, and their numbers are growing. Our ‘Pro-gun’ stance is pro-American, pro-2nd Amendment.  “Anti” gay? We are anti gay MARRIAGE.  Big difference. The ‘gays’ want to get together, name it something else outside of marriage.  Problem solved.

I see no difference in Communist Russia, Nazi Germany or any other totalitarian regime that is contrary to modern American ‘liberalism.’  Imagine telling Americans to get out of their own state just because they are pro-moral Americans who are law-abiding & baby saving.  At any rate, this is how the radical left will fight the ‘evil’ conservatives, they’ll just tell them to get out of their states and homes.

I’ve been telling you: THIS IS NOT OUR AMERICA.


ANY Jew that is ‘for’ this impossible asshole is a stupid, ignorant sonofabitch who should not even be listened to.  ANY Jew that wants to talk about the holocaust should be discussing what Cuomo is saying because it is NO different than what Adolph Hitler told the Jews in NAZI Germany.. Deal with what you are, “Liberal” Jews.   You are what you PRETEND to hate.

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  2. Enemy Air Darfn a Aibarzatzong fun di Tzitirn, As Liiant, “Doss, Kush Sort Tacas, Air Zone fun a Tzoig


  3. Remember, Cuomo fears the 2014 Midterm Election cycle, because it indicates what the 2015 New York State Governor Election will reveal. If he gets thrown out in 2015, odds are he is kaput, for presidential run in 2016.

  4. Cuomo, the Italian with ‘catholic’roots, persecutors of Jews and genuine Christians, today is the Voice of LBGT America. It is not Cumo that is at fault. It is LBGT Amerikaners. America has an Anus Fucker for a potus. Any other country in the world would not have allowed the Nigger scum to shadow their corridors of power. Not America. Anyone who will endorse Anus Fucking is ‘groovy’ ‘with it’. American churches join the LBGT populace in performing gay/lesbian marriages, encourage anus fucking, and now bestiality. America leads in child pornography. Paedophilism, Anus Fucking, Abortion is Worshipped. Who to blame? PAGAN Amerikaners, of course! America is PAGAN nation. Doubt not.

    Today, the Jew who stands for Right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay —is persecuted. Next in line will be those genuine Christians who observe the same beliefs.

    The average American has long abdicated responsibility for everything decent. The politicians they elect are well aware of this. And they know that all the voluntarily dumbed down populace are scavenging dogs: throw some crumbs and their silence is bought.

  5. What the hell is wrong with that man! First he wanted the Conservatives out of NY…. now the Jews?
    Wonder if the idiot ever took a survey of the number of businesses owned by Jews?

    At one time in Dallas, I worked for Bloom Advertising. Bloom was owned by Bloom and the Zale Corporation (The Zale Brothers..Jewelry Company)

  6. Girl!!!!
    You need to read it again.

    I only said “Jews” to get attn b/c it seems that nothing else will.

    Im using dramatic license for satire.

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  8. It seems that Cuomo is a cinch to win re-election as Governor.

    Real conservatives are not much of a factor in NYS politics.

    So why does he feel the need to complain at all?

    Legal Insurrection had a map last week showing the NYS counties that have and have not passed resolutions against the UNSAFE Act. The only counties that haven’t are either in New York City, its suburbs, the state capital in Albany and Cornell University (Ivy League) in Ithaca. Every other county has. While that’s a minority of the state’s overall population, it’s a huge section of the state’s geography.

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