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Should White People Take Martin Luther King Day Serious Or Memorialize It?

(T-shirt that some black males wear)


I believe that if there is going to continue to be a Martin Luther King day, we should show the truth regarding the behavior of many black people in America against their fellow, white Americans.  I have not studied Martin Luther King and don’t plan to.  However, I know that MLK is enshrined and thought of as a saint by many Liberal blacks, even though Liberal blacks have much more in common with the violent Malcolm X.

This is how whites benefit from ‘equality.’  Many are beaten in the Liberal, Communist & black run cities.

Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom were raped & tortured to death by fellow, black Americans:


Homeless white man beaten by blacks:




Elderly couple beaten, wife raped & husband  murdered by a black male:


Teenager beaten by black males for www-walking while white:


You may sift through the many of my husbands posts to see who is who: DAVID BEN MOSHE   (These pictures, above are a small fraction of the race/hate crimes that take place all the time in America)

The state-run, fascist media is complicit in not showing these racial crimes to Americans.  Because they fail Americans, hiding the race of the perpetrators, they put the lives of whites in danger, daily.   And, because they are hush hush, many white Americans and also black conservatives now believe that the left is hiding their genocide-which is a key in continuing genocide.  Denial.

My husband and I do not believe that America is an ‘equal’ society.  We believe that black people get a pass because of the color of their skin. Case in point is Barack Obama who has done far worse than Richard Nixon, yet remains president because the left uses his skin color to guilt up whites to submit to their insanity.   We believe the racism is now directed at white people.  Institutionalized racism is taught in schools that ‘whites are privileged.’ 

We believe that whites are privileged to be beaten, raped, robbed and murdered just because they are white.

Isn’t this what Martin Luther King supposedly fought against? If so, why do these blacks beat white people, dehumanize them and treat them the same way that their parents and grandparents were treated by white racists?