Arizona Bill: Religious People Can Refuse To Marry Or Give Service To “Gays” Or Others

Homosexuals know that religious people do want to marry them or even have anything to do with them, so why push them into something they are against?   If homosexuals want people to like them, they should not force themselves all over the place.  I have friends that are homosexual, we dont even talk about what they do because I dont give a rats ass.  That’s between you and the creator.  I can disagree with it and I do.   But ultimately, all people/s will answer to God. 


PHOENIX — An Arizona Senate committee gave initial approval Thursday to a bill allowing people to claim that their religious beliefs led them to refuse service to gays or others.  The bill pushed by Republican Sen. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, is a new version of a measure that was a vetoed last year.

Civil rights groups oppose the bill, saying it would allow discriminatory actions by businesses. But Yarbrough said his push was prompted by a New Mexico case where the state Supreme Court allowed a gay couple to sue a photographer who refused to take pictures of their wedding.

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