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As America Is Coming Under Communism, Glenn Beck Is Worried If We “Hate” Some People

I have given Beck a much needed make-over to suit his personality better.  Beck says:   “If you hate gays, liberals, etc, you are not a fan of his.”  So, Beck is the new thought police.  You know…I dont have to like anyone,  and anyone does not have to like me and Beck can go f*ck off.


Grow up moron. Just grow up.  “Liberals” (Communists) want us dead you gasbag. Ditto the LGBT crowd.

This is all I have to say to Fart-face, Glenn Beck:

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I own the World: “Glenn Beck – ‘If you hate a person because they are a liberal I don’t want to have anything to do with you’,” and Robert Stacy McCain, “Glenn Beck’s #LGBT Agenda?