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History Will Record That Obama Started Revolutions In Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt & The US News Never Reported It

This is what western backed ‘democracy’ looks like in Ukraine.  Kiev is just another Tahir Square, Aleppo, Benghazi redux or continuation.

I don’t know how you “Liberals” live with yourselves, I really don’t.

Under the Democrat party, America is falling to Communism.  If you don’t see this, it means you just don’t care or your are too stupid to live. Under the Democrat party, we have seen 3 violent, murderous revolutions in the middle east & now Ukraine and the MSM ignores it to cover their failed president, Barack Obama.

Below are pictures of Ukraine revolution, backed by America and Europe. John McCain vowed financial support to the Communists in Ukraine: John McCain tells Ukraine protesters: ‘We are here to support your ‘just cause’

This is ‘just cause?’ Citizens undermining their duly elected government?   The situation in Ukraine is this:  The President of Ukraine wants to stay with the Russian currency.  The rioters want to go with the FAILED EU.  The protesters in the streets are radical Communists.

Photos are Ukraine on Jan 22 & 23, 2014:

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The radical, left-wing Occupy group is also ‘in it’, encouraging this catastrophe-  See: occupymelbournenet

Under the Democrats, Syria is destroyed.

Under the democrats, Egypt has accused Obama (America) of war crimes..

Under the Democrats, we have a dead ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, a cover up and lies to cover themselves during an election year

As all of this is happening, Obama, on Martin Luther King day rants about how American people do not like him because of his skin color. It’s not his skin color that is the problem, the problem is he sucks as do the Democrats. Ditto their counterparts, the GOP.

The Democrats with Obama could have stopped the progressing fascism of the years before, but they chose to go in the other direction and become the ultimate totalitarians.

History Will Record That Democrats/Obama Started Revolutions In Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt & The US News Never Reported It.