An art collage from November 2013

It truth was blue, TMJ, P. AsheDina  c 2013

Today..I have not had a good day. At all.  Things mounting up here at home with gigs, contracts, etc.  News sucks.   Opposition here, arguments there.  One thing I know about myself:  If I am truthful, it will always pay off.  If and when I am wrong, I am a humble person and will apologize.  If I am right, I do not gloat, but I do bring attention to factions I am right about.  Without boasting.  Recently, I was wrong about an incident in my real time life.  Instead of trying to justify a position I took, I immediately made an apology.  So, being honest and truthful was as soothing as the water is blue (Or looks blue)  

At any rate: Honesty, even in the face of humiliation is the right policy.