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Dinesh D’Sousa, O’Keefe: Flashback Valerie Jarrett “Punish Enemies, Hell To Pay, Congress Won’t Be A Problem For Us”

In 2012, “The Ulsterman” had connections with a White house insider he interviewed who heard Valerie Jarrett saying the below statements:

The “Liberals” laughed us to scorn. Called us ‘conspiracy theorists’.. Well, they had to call us defaming names to silence us because they knew this was going to happen  & didn’t want their plans foiled.  Yesterday, Dinesh D’Sousa was served his papers from a Fed grand jury re. campaign contributions.  Lies.  Just as Jarrett said in 2012:  “Those who opposed us, there will be hell to pay.”  And now,  payback-it’s here.  Just as this witch promised.  James O’Keefe has destroyed more than a few radical left- wing organizations… He opposed Obama and now there is ‘hell to pay.’  Gov Cuomo subpoenaed O’Keefe to court in NY state, the other day.

Keep believing this is a conspiracy theory, people.   It’s not.  It’s reality.  This is what Communism looks like.  We are in the middle of a coup.  Don’t believe us.  BUT, if this was happening & the ‘right wing’ was in power….The Liberals would be screaming bloody murder.  Obama bypasses congress on a daily basis, so congress ‘is not a problem.’  Just as Jarrett said… AND, nobody will do anything to stop them.  Who can stop them in the military?  Obama released or fired over 200 military brass: List: Those who have been purged from the military under Obama

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