God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists, Jotting Down Their Actions. Jeremiah 2: 34

God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists,  Jotting Down Their Actions.  Jeremiah 2: 34

*Notice it says: “IN” your skirts.

We will all stand before the creator, the maker, the LORD, Elohim, God, Jehovah, Adonai is his name because we all have good and bad in us.  God cares about every little life.  Gods will is that people: Elderly and babies – live and not die.  The left-wing satanists have NO say in the moral department.  God will have to turn his judgments and even wrath on the pro ‘choice’ murderers.  It is what it is:  Abortion is the murder of a defenseless baby.  Most women who have abortions are too irresponsible to go buy condoms or get on the pill.   Others use it as a means of birth control.  In this day and age, there is NO reason to ‘need’ abortions.  The only acceptable procedure is a D & C in rape or serious sickness.   Majority of ‘unwanted’ pregnancies originate from women who can’t keep there panties on. Period.  And, it will not be an accepted excuse before your maker.

America, repent.  Get in sack-cloth and ashes over this horrible genocide of American babies.   55 million plus babies have been murdered since Roe V Wade. FIFTY-FIVE MILLION.

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  1. Truthful post.I dont think any child is unwanted,i think the immorality and irresponsiblity of the baby’s parents are unwanted.But feminists and manginas and liberals are parasites to this world.Misery loves company.

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    SORRY. No go, MJ. America has already submitted to sSatan.

    Satanist temple in Oklahoma applies to erect public statue of Satan for the public to enjoy
    Satanists are not ashamed of their child-abusing beliefs. On the contrary, they’re proud of them and want the world to know about their evil ways. What’s their slogan going to be?

    Child sacrifice is fun?

    Not so much fun if you’re the child, I suppose.

    Satanic ritual abuse survivor speaks out

    The Pope carries out ritual sacrifice at The Vatican according to Erin Rothschild. ‘It’s the vilest thing I’ve ever seen,’ she said. ‘The Vatican should be got rid of’.

    Didn’t I tell so?

  5. even though I tend to lean Liberal on most things my heart of hearts tells me that abortions procured for means of convenience are in fact – – – something that should never be allowed – – never! The argument about someone having a right to make decisions about their own body is kind of lame with me because those arguments are talking about somebody else’s body too – – the body of the child. I am of the opinion that (a) The Law should probably allow abortions just the way it does but (b) No tax money should ever be spent on abortions – – (c) It should be criminalized if it is discovered that someone is having one just because it is “convenient” – – (d) In the event of a situation that might be considered as “Legitimate” the abortion should be legally required to have a panel of at least three attending physicians certify the medical need for it and to attend the procedure.

    Finally since it is impossible to legislate against a person’s ability to choose to sin according to their particular religious overview I should think that those who are contemplating abortions should also contemplate how they will stand before their concept of final judgement on the matter – – I understand that abortions cause lasting emotional scars regardless of circumstances – – I fully agree that anything resembling an abortion should be forbidden except for the sake of a life or death emergency medically certifiable situation.

    I have much to learn yet and am willing to learn.

    But my gut feeling is that these should never be allowed for pure convenience.

  6. John, sweetie.. I used to worship George Bush 43 for his first couple of years.. I had to learn a LOT too 😉

  7. Also, John.. Abortion is a horror. The guilt women go through is intense. Its a little baby.
    Medical procedures for horrible things like rape or sickness should be excused in this day and age.
    But, now with that morning after pill, birth control pill, condoms, etc.. Truly, it is irresponsibility for sure.

    NOW, if the state kicked in to help a woman who gets pregnant by accident b/c the birth control didnt work, so the baby can be adopted, at this stage in the game, I would be FOR that.

    Yes, it would end up costing some money, but not losing babies to ABORTION is the key issue.
    Save a baby, help the pregnant mother for a few months.

  8. The website Tim Shey links lays full blame on women. It says “It’s the Women, not the Men.”
    BUT, is it so? Haven’t men ( I am a man) always blamed others for their own sins?

    We’ll take a trip to Genesis 3. Verse 9:

    9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
    10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.
    11 And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?
    12 And the man said, THE WOMAN WHOM THOU GAVEST TO BE WITH ME, ……………………….
    Thus the First Blaming of God and Woman began. Thereafter, man skirted round every Biblical law to justify his sin.

    Jesus made marriage a sacrament. Man made divorce to asunder what God had blessed together.

    Several Biblical texts point out to Man as the Head of the House. Man succumbs to cowardice, sucks up Feminism and then blame the women.

    If a child turns out well, the man proudly says: takes after me. If otherwise: it’s his mother’s upbringing that’s ruined him

    Out here we say: You point one finger at another, and three fingers are pointed at you. Duffer.

  9. QV: All men and women outside of Christ are still dead in their trespasses and sins and fall short of the Glory of God. I would not say that Kathy Duane’s website blames society’s ills fully on women. Her website is merely a counterpoise to feminist propaganda (i.e. that Christian, white males are the oppressors of women).

  10. Women in AMERICA, Tim, are hags for the most part.
    Sorry to be so rude, but its truth. Even conservative women, (not all but many) are feminist jerks.

  11. TMJ: I think it is sad that, if you criticize a feminist, you are a misogynist; if you murder a pre-born baby girl, you are not a misogynist. If you kill a whale a wolf or an eagle’s egg, the enviro-pagans will scream bloody murder; if you kill a pre-born baby, the enviro-pagans are silent.

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  13. Well, thats why I practice free speech and tell these hags exactly how I feel no matter what 😀

  14. Tim, the blog ‘ s title itself condemns ALL women. She is advocating that man is blameless for the ills of society, blameless for the conditions of the church in America, blameless for God being thrown into the garbage heap by both nation and its people.

    Your assertion that “All men and women outside of Christ are still dead in their trespasses and sins and fall short of the Glory of God” condemns nations that ban abortions. Abortion is a CRIME out here. And we are all born “outside of Christ” but we are not short of the Glory of God for we observe His commandments more than the so-called ‘christians’ do.
    Every sin the Bible condemns is practically ‘ethics, morals,’ and laws are carved to uphold them out here. For which a very heavy price is extracted for violation.

    America’s Supreme Court made it Law to Murder the Unborn. How does a group of judges declare that murder is legal when your Constitution protects life as a fundamental inalienable right?
    The American people, calling themselves ‘christians’ and thinking they are on the side of Christ for do they not invoke his name when they attendchurch did NOTHING to protect the Unborn.

    And I do object to your calling enviro-pagans. They are not pagans. They are enviromentalists. Buddhists are called pagans though our ethics and morals are much higher, observed, and practiced than those calling themselves ‘christians’ presumably inside Christ.

    Neither are we misogynists. Buddhism has clear guidelines on the role of men and women in a household. The female in a Buddhist house is revered as a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, daughter. The men are taught from boyhood his role as provider, protector of the female.

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