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Orthodox Priests Stand In Front Of Ukrainian Police To Protect Them From Violent Rioters

 The priests are NOT standing in front of the protesters, facing the police.  They are standing in FRONT of the police to be a force of protection  for them.  If the priests were neutral, they would have had 2 priests facing the opposition and 2 facing the police.  The Priests have chosen a side: Their police force, law & order.  

NOW DECIDE.  Choose the Christians, Priests and GOD or choose the violent, radical, filthy ‘opposition’  

You can take a bigger look here:  JAN. 24, 2014: The NY Slimes  More pictures: here…..

*Don’t even bother going there with the ‘Nazi Priest’ talk off.   This is not a picture of Nazi Germany.  The rioters in the Ukraine are radicals. Serious political, violent radicals.


A Ukrainian priest walks in no-man’s land as riot police look on.

 I am sick and damned tired of having to explain this insanity to American people that automatically side against law and order.  For the last f’cking time:  This is the same type scenario that we saw in Libya, Egypt and Syria. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry I am so angry, but this picture has saddened me deeply.  What saddens me even more is that American idiots will side with the opposition just because Putin is the big, bad boogey-man.  Obama is the f’king boogey man.  SICKENING.