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Soros-Endorsed, Pinko De-Blasio Agrees W/ Cuomo: Abortionists Welcome, Not Pro-Lifers

I don’t know what to say to NY conservatives except: Get Out.  What Cuomo and DeBlasio are saying is no different than what Hitler told Jews in the 30’s. (And, what do you leftist-Jews in NY think about this extreme fascism?  It WILL backfire on you, it always does..Oh well, boo hoo..)  

These totalitarian monsters have made it quite clear:  You are not welcome in the Communist state of NY.  And, who knows what type punishment will await you.  Move to the Southwest where you would have far more freedom & traditional American values.

An art collage from November 2013

Click: Communist Bill De-Blasio agrees with Cuomo – pro lifers not welcome in New York

Endorsed by satan, himself: Soros Endorses de Blasio for Mayor – NYTimes.com

Sean Hannity has the right idea: