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Russian Foreign Minister: “Obama/US-Stay Out Of Ukraine” STOP OBAMAS WAR IN UKRAINE  History Will Record That Democrats/Obama Started Revolutions In Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt & The US News Never Reported It.

It’s too late… The Democrats with the Marxist, John McCain  already sent funding to the rioters a few weeks ago.  John McCain tells Ukraine protesters: ‘We are here to support you ‘just cause’ …   What ‘just cause?’  Blowing up a whole city, murdering a policeman, blowing up buses??  The US govt has already gotten their grubby hands in this civil war, just like SYRIA.

 The Economist reported that the violence has been ignited “by the passage of a series of repressive laws imposing tight controls on the media and criminalizing the protests of the past two months.”

“Ignited?”  Garbage.  The anti-protest law was signed into action after the sweet, kind, thoughtful protesters blew up Kiev.  (Anti protest signed into law in January.)    The anti-govt protest started Nov 20th or so.  We have been posting about Ukraine on & off for 2 mos on this blog.

Video (below) from Nov 24-25th.  These ‘protests’ have been violent from their BEGINNING.  The MSM is LYING, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The Ukrainian govt has every right to protect its people with those laws against these violent rioters that are also comprised of foreign radicals:  JUST LIKE SYRIA.

See: Foreign Minister tells US to not interfere with Ukraine  Hat tip re. Russia:  End Time Alert

At any rate: I find it peculiar that both Egypt and Ukraine have the same type tents… Don’t you?  How did they manage to manufacture the same type tents???     I thought this was a spontaneous ‘protest?’    Did you ever wonder if the foreign entity that is helping these violent rebels in Egypt, Syria and now Kiev just might be a shadow group that is highly organized?   Like Obama’s own ‘civilian security’ he spoke of in 2008?



Obama’s Civilian security speech:

Just a thought…Isn’t it something that all of these ‘spontaneous’ protests  the Muslims and the leftists (Occupy Wall Street) have always include tents…?  

Occupy Wall Street:


So….who is in charge of these international ‘protests?’     …Someone is.  “Spontaneous?”…………..My ass.