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Sheriff Joe Gives Inmates Bread & Water For Desecrating The American Flag

I can already see the left wing idiots running out to defend the criminals: 

“The poor criminals don’t get to desecrate the flag! Sheriff Joe is so mean to rapists and felons.  Hater, Xeno! Racist!  PROTEST, ACLU!  Attention: OBAMA & Holder – Help these humans….!!”  

Is there ANY country who is dumber than America???  Seriously?  This country, with liberals in it is the dumbest country in the friggin planet.

I love Sheriff Joe.  The only real man who executes punishment and does not rob the poor of justice.

CLICK- Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 38 Arizona inmates who defaced flag to eat only bread, water  Hat tip: 

An art collage from November 2013