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Now, It’s Thailand Where There Are Protests.  It Never Ends, Does It?

*Here we go again…..BUT: In this scenario, Is the tyrant really A tyrant that needs to go? 

QV brought this news to my attention a few days ago regarding Thailand.  QV, an aristocrat and also our foreign voice used to be a great supporter of America.  But, how can anyone be a supporter of America from other countries when we help aid in turning governments upside down & demand removal of leaders? OR help aid tyrants like Morsi & Syrian rebels.      QV knows what is happening in Thailand, I do not understand it all, yet.    Read his posts: HERE  HERE

BANGKOK — Hundreds of thousands of Thais were blocked from voting on Sunday as antigovernment demonstrators obstructed polling places in Bangkok and southern Thailand in a campaign to suspend democracy and replace Parliament with an unelected “people’s council.”

The rest-Just posted a few hours ago:  Protesters Block Early Voting in Thai Capital – NYSlimes.com

This letter was sent to our Obama by Mike Turner Representative (R-OH 10th Districtre Thailand. (QV says Turner is a moron about this situation)   QV will have to explain this letter and response.   Here is the post of the picture/letter below: CLICK

Mike Turner's Letter to President Obama

At any rate, the 4th International Marxists/Communists (Who are in cahoots with the “CFR”) has their grubby fingers in Thailand.

You can read about the 4th International who help the “CFR”

The Internationalist Group, section of the League for the Fourth International, fights for international socialist revolution, the conquest of power by the working class, led by its Leninist party, championing the cause of all the oppressed. Fourth International!    &   World Socialist Web Site – Marxist analysis, international working

The “New World Order” (NWO) is not new and it is not order.  It is called international CommunismCalling it the ‘New World Order’ (NWO) diverts attention from what it really is:  Marxism/Communism. Which America seems to love, love love now.  Remember, Communists hate being called Communists…

Think on this, below.  Does not matter if you are Jewish or Christian. Fact is, its happening for decades, now in full speed ahead:

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.  Revelation 6:4