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WSJ #TOMPERKINS Says Anti-Capitalist/Democrats Like Nazis. He Is Right & I’ll Prove It

A totalitarian by any other name is still a totalitarian.

Perkins had to apologize to fatass Abe Foxman’s ADL.  Why did he apologize?  As if Foxman does not know that many, many, many Jews were rich in Germany?  Were they not demonized and murdered?  Foxman, as usual, is wrong. 


“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler  (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

….Yep, that’s an American liberal with their bs speak about the 1%, plus their new talk off re. ‘inequality’ & minimum wage…  Deal with it, “Liberals”, you are totalitarian.  That’s what you are.  Stop pretending you don’t know this. 

Multimillionaire venture capitalist Tom Perkins came under fire over the weekend when he penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal calling out the liberal wing of the Democratic Party for inciting a potential “progressive Kristallnacht” against the wealthy.