Vid Of Victoria Nuland In Kiev, Ukraine. Nuland Was Key Figure For #Benghazi Cover-Up: Also Involved W/ Violent Protesters In Ukraine

Victoria Nuland, Key Figure For #Benghazi Cover-Up Also Involved With Violent Protesters In Ukraine

How did our interfering work out for Chris Stevens in Benghazi?  Christians in Syria & Egypt?  I hope conservative people who felt sympathy for these ‘protesters’ are happy now.  We have sent BILLIONS to turn yet another country upside down.


BELOW-Let’s flashback to Nov & Dec 2013.  This is what the Obama administration was doing in Kiev: Undermining.  (Meanwhile, conservative Americans have been FOR Obama’s aggression in Kiev, Ukraine) without knowing it.  That’s because they were too damned busy making fun of our stance re. Kiev, Ukraine on many other websites instead of researching the truth.   You only have yourselves to blame as natures laws of cause and effect will take place.   I warned you about what was happening in Ukraine and you laughed me to scorn.

Top U.S. official, Victoria Nuland visits protesters in Kiev as Obama admin. ups pressure on Ukraine president Yanukovich

A spokesman for the embassy said she (Nuland) had visited Maidan, where several thousand of protesters were calling for the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovich.  The rest:  Top U.S. official visits protesters in Kiev as Obama admin. ups  pressure with Yankovych…

Here is Nuland in Kiev, she was giving ‘food in exchange for demonstration.’  Sounds more like ’30 pieces of silver…’

(Picture below from this link: Victoria Nuland in Ukraine.)


Nuland below in DC giving a speech about “Civil rights, democracy, justice’ and the usual ‘human rights democracy’ that has inflamed the middle east.

QV says:

The US proved to be eager to encourage opposition to bring down a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government of President Viktor Yanukovych and install a pro-Western government, which would allow Ukraine to join NATO and then the EU. The 2010 elections’ results have been accepted and recognized by the opposition, by the European Union, by the US, by the whole international community. What right does anyone have to violently overthrow a democratically elected government?

Any Amerikaner or European care to explain?

Has any Russian or Ukrainian diplomat gone to support and coordinate the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US? NO.

The interference and bullying comes only from the West. State Department’s Victoria Nuland has been openly supporting the protesters and, together with numerous diplomats from EU countries, has visited their headquarters, holding rousing speeches in front of the raging crowds. Victoria Nuland openly admitted that the US spent billions of dollars on ‘democratizing’ Ukraine, which is actually an admission of political bribery.

The Final Grand Lie spread by the mainstream media is that Ukraine would be better off economically after signing the Association Treaty with the EU. I have already listed the genocidal impacts on the Ukraine people should Ukraine sign the AT with the EU vampires.

This is what you paid for: TERROR.

Nuland brought you these talking points:

Nuland has emerged as one of the key figures who has been accused by various sources of initiating a cover up of the 2012 Benghazi attack. After reading the first draft of the State Department talking points that stated that the incident was a coordinated terrorist attack, she sent a message writing that they “could be abused by members of Congress to beat the State Department for not paying attention to agency warnings so why would we want to seed the Hill.”[4] After this memo UN Ambassador Susan Rice was given talking points that formed the basis of her statements on This Week with George Stephanopoulos,[5] Meet the Press,[6] State of the Union with Candy Crowley,[7] and Fox News Sunday.[8][9] Conservative critics have argued Nuland’s nomination as Assistant Secretary of State may come up against firm opposition from Republicans, based on her role in the Benghazi controversy.[10]

Eat crow, we f’d up another country in the name of ‘Democracy.’ NOTHING ‘good’ comes from anything the Obama administration installs.  Nothing.

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  1. Every blog, every media report, 99./9% commenters from the West on Ukraine BLAME Viktor Yanukovich as the Bully, Brute, et al, worse than Stalin in ‘crushing’ the opposition. The rabid hatred for Putin and Russia is similar to the Rabid Hatred for Jews and Israel. And this is the fucking oh so democracy, human rights US/EU that encourage their people to demonise Russia, Putin, and Viktor. What is one to conclude other than the entire US/EU is evil? Yanukovich was democratically elected, won the elections and was approved by the satanlings of US/UN/EU. His term ends in 2015. Why the rush to depose him? Ah, the entire EU is BANKRUPT. The oligarchs need this uprising to delay their coming arrest.

    The TRUTH is hidden in the many doublespeak employed. No mention of 900 policemen facing a crowd of 30,000 protestors armed to the teeth. No mention that the police were told NOT to use force, which they didn’t. One policeman died. The crowd was euphoric! No mention of a few days after a beginning of this “people revolution” the Foreign Minister of Germany walked through the crowd of demonstrators on Maidan led by Klitchko.

    The commenters repeated carte blanche Klitchko’s statement; “The EU is the only possibility for us to defend ourselves against Russian pressure” and the European press had a field day reporting Germany’s Merkel and EU vampireBarroso praised the increasingly violent protesters, make no calls for the protesters to reject violence and demand that Yanukovych not use violence. It is of no consequence that an 18 year old soldier was CRUCIFIED. There’s a video of it. It is of no consequence that policemen were severely injured. 900 vs 30,000. I ask any American/European where the fuck are your brains? Are you human?

  2. Why does your entire western media portray the protestors as ‘pro-democracy’ when they employ communist tactics and behave like Nazis. The hard core of the protest movement is made up of neo-Nazi groups, characterized by vicious xenophobia, antisemitism and revisionism. The average ‘protester’ is not a pro-European hipster, but a violent, xenophobe who glorifies Ukrainian Nazis who fought in World War II.

    Why does your entire western media spread the LIE that Russia is ‘bullying’ Ukraine or heavily interfering in Ukraine’s internal political process. Actually, the interference and bullying comes only from the West.

    The final grand lie spread by the mainstream media is that Ukraine would be better off economically after signing the Association Treaty with the EU. Actually, the Treaty would have killed the main industries of the country, transforming it into a ‘consumption annex’ of the European Union. European countries don’t need new competitors in key markets like agriculture, metals, chemicals and the Treaty has been designed in such a way that the Ukrainian manufacturing industry would be killed, not rejuvenated. Ukraine needs around 16 billion dollars in order to avoid default and bankruptcy in the next 12 months. The EU and the US don’t want to finance Ukraine, while the IMF’s conditions amount to a social catastrophe of epic proportions. The ONLY country willing and able to lend a hand to Ukraine is Russia, but the western media presents this situation as a political bribe.
    The reality is : Ukraine ‘s dilemma boils to a choice between a economic crash with the EU or economic growth with Russia.

    And the US/EU object to Ukraine’s growth. Why does your country hate growth for an independent, sovereign nation?

  3. Before we continue, we need to understand EXACTLY Who the US, the EU and the Vatican are supporting. Then, tell me that you would have the same scum in your country destroying your country.

    1. Klichko lived in Germany for the past 10 years. For 2013 he actually paid USA taxes which means that he lives in USA now. He also has SSN ( social security number).
    He is a boxer with 23 years of experience. 15 years in professional box. He does not have brains to act by himself. Have you ever seen a boxer with live brain cells after so many years in box.

    2. Fascist Oleh Tyahnybok. He was awarded Waffen – SS and SS-Galitchina golden cross in 2011 while visiting Canada. He calls to get rid of none Ukrainians. On July 20, 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from the Ukraine parliamentary after he made a speech in the Carpathian Mountains where he called Ukrainians “to take automatic guns and fight against Moskali ( Russians), Germans, Jews and other scum”
    Besides he demands to introduce the paragraph called nationality in Ukrainian passport so that non Ukrainians will not be accepted into government jobs.
    This is the same Tyahnybok who was banned from entering the US in 2004 for his open anti-Semitism and racism.
    The same Tyahnybok who is pictured GIVING A NAZI SALUTE!
    He openly questioned the Holocaust massacres during WW II made under red-black flags which you see on Maydan.
    This is the same TYAHNYBOK the US is supporting. Now tell me that America is not a Terrorist nation.

    3. Julia Timoshenko front man for Central Ukraine mafia. Her previous boss was arrested and jailed in US for 10 years. (Pavel Lazarenko). She was his deputy and the first assistant. She was also charged with bribery when tried to bribe a general in Russian ministry of defense. She signed gas deal with Russia so that Russia would drop charges against her. This deal costs Ukraine extra $800 million a month.
    All the other jerks are close to the west and central mafia groups.
    This is a political landscape in Ukraine.

    The BBC and the entire western media gave extensive coverage to the funeral of Mikhailo Zhyznevsky, one of at least three victims of clashes between police and protesters last week. Thousands marched behind the coffin carrying the body of Zhyznevsky, a Belarusian who lived in Ukraine. He died of gunshot wounds…
    Mikhailo Zhyznevsky was a man searched for his criminal activities in Belarus. To escape responsibility for wrongdoings, he fled to western Ukraine where he joined the local neo-Nazis from the UNA-UNSO ultranationalist organization.

    The EU and Britain’s BBC MOURNED the filth.

    What does that tell of the US/EU and the BBC? And the people of these countries?

  4. QV: I just cant even sleep. I am having anxiety attacks.
    At any rate, I sent a message to 1 of the leader of EuroMaidan. I told him about this bitch, Victoria. I told him he is “Americas bitch now” and will answer to Obama–come to find out–NOBODY on either side of the mess over there likes Obama.
    He didnt even know that the skank, Nuland was there, or McCain.

    I advised him to get with his friends and kick America the hell out of his country. I told him he has my permission.
    So, PRAY that they came here to see these posts and what a fking mess they got themselves into

  5. QV is not ever wrong. Once in a blue, I dont agree. But, for those here who want to be saved and have wisdom in the upcoming tribulation slaughterhouse, QV is the man to listen to–he has an anointing from the Holy One. Elohim, Yahveh HaShem, Jehovah GOD

  6. I sent a message to 1 of the leader of EuroMaidan….. He didnt even know that the skank, Nuland was there, or McCain.

    The US Sodomite 0bama picks an ambassador for China who “I’m no real expert on China”.

    It is the hour of amateur for the US. One of the most important ambassadorships in the world, and the US want to send appoint someone with no diplomatic experience whatsoever, whose knowledge of foreign policy in general is not his strong point and who admits he knows nothing about China, where he’s supposed to negotiate with the Chinese and represent US interest. And if things go wrong, as they will , from Day One, the entire Western Media Whores will go China-bashing. As usual. As always.

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  9. Thank you TMJ, for blowing the lid off the secret Obama involvement in this Ukrainian tragedy.

  10. Thank goodness people are finally waking up to what Obama/DNC and McCain are doing in Ukraine

  11. Shows the reader in the rest of the world how Americans choose to be ignorant. Such bliss! Others die, OK. Americans die, not ok.

  12. What right has Sodomite America’s stinking Cunt, Victoria Nuland, scheduled to visit Ukraine on February 6, to “meet with “government officials, opposition leaders, civil society, and business leaders to encourage agreement on a new government and plan of action that can put Ukraine back on track toward fulfilling the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for democracy, respect for human rights, European integration, and economic growth”.

    Will you Amerikaners keep your STINKING CUNT home and work on DEMOCRACY & HUMAN RIGHTS FOR YOU STUPID AMERIKANERS who live under Fascism?
    Enjoy your police with their paramilitary equipment, their SWAT team raids, and incentive to terrorize you stupid Amerikaners people over drug offenses rather than pursue crimes against person and property. Enjoy your blacks beating whites and getting a pass from Niggers you have in your regime. We know about the National Security Agency, which can access every American’s e-mails, phone calls, or text messages. We know about your filthy nation’s spying on world leaders. This is the fucking democracy, human rights your shrinking Cunt Nuland & Impotent Cock Kerry talks about for other nations?
    You stupid, stupid Amerikaners, yellow blooded, lily livered scum have greeted all this with indifference. Yes, we blame you, the American people. For it is you who elect psychopaths into office.

    Ratcheting up Washington’s support, Agence France Presse reports that Kerry will meet with representatives of Ukraine’s opposition in Munich . “Our message to Ukraine’s opposition will be the full support of Sodomite Nigger Obama and of the American people for their efforts,” Kerry said in Berlin before the Munich Conference began.
    John Kerry took it upon himself to reject the concessions Ukraine President Yanukovych has made to try to reach agreement with the insurgents: “The offers of President Yanukovych have not yet reached a level that would be sufficient regarding the reforms,” said Kerry. Kerry was speaking with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a visit to Berlin.

    NOT CONTENT TO HAVE MURDERED 800,000 CHRISTIAN SERBS, SODOMITE AMERIKANERS? Now, you sit on your fucking arse while the leaders you elected go on your Foreign Policy of invade, murder, plunder sovereign nations?

    Russia should send its spetznaz into Ukraine to protect President Yanukovych who was elected by Ukrainians unlike your fucking Nigger who lied and cheated into the WH.

    Ukrainians are not braindead idiots who want to join the Satanic Gulag of captive nations.

  13. The West better be prepared. Russia has given sufficient warnings not to worsen the situation in Ukraine. this time, China will be involved.

    Shall we all enjoy nukes?

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