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We Were Right About Ukraine:  Joe Biden Telling Yanukovych To Not “Declare State Of Emergency.”  Threatens Sanctions For Not Submitting To EU/USA

This is not a ‘protest.’   They are violent, anti-human, murderers who killed police. These police are not like police state American cops   Many rioters are not even from the Ukraine.  These rioters are not like conservative Americans fighting Obama.  These rioters want Ukraine to come UNDER the EU/USA which would mean SUBMIT TO OBAMA.  They are the OPPOSITE of conservative Americans.  Get it yet??????

Basically, Biden is saying: Ukraine-Submit to the USA/EU or we will sanction you, come into your country, help kill off your Christian population, bomb your streets and call it ‘democracy.’

Let me ask you:  If these rioters were in the streets of DC, would Biden the flaming jackass just ‘allow it?’  To all of you morons that were FOR these rioters, you ought to have your heads examined.   Many conservatives were saying that this Ukrainian SNAFU was a ‘just cause’, including John McCain.  When the f’k are Americans ever going to wake up and get that we ARE the bullies of this world, now?  Under Obama, over 2400 plus civilians have been murdered by drones while the bastard was trying to catch some terrorists in a war he said was over.   Under Obama and the Dems, we have seen 3 revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Only to watch these poor countries become devastated: Christians tortured & murdered.  How many countries have we seen these Democrats do this to, in 5 short years???


Biden warned Yanukovych against harsh security measures like declaring a state of emergency that he said would further inflame the situation. He called for Ukraine to pull back riot police and to respond to the Ukrainian people’s grievances.

The White House has previously threatened sanctions on Ukraine if the use of violence continues.

See it here: Biden Calls Ukraine Leader, Urges End to Standoff   – The Ukrainian President didnt START the standoff offense you IDIOT!!!

Would Joe Biden put up with ‘protesters’ like this:





(BTW-Russia has told us to get out.. But, we won’t.  More escalation of Obama’s WW3)