Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Now that we have seen what is happening in Kiev, Ukraine (Which has descended into chaos lead by EU/America: Commies fighting Nazis fighting Euromaidan fighting civilians)  We have to look at the scenario in Thailand where true, anti-violent protesters, who are oppressed by  the Thai government are trying to rid the country of tyranny.  This protest has NOT been lead by NATO/USA leaders with their agents.  It is much like the American Tea-party in their beginning stages, 2009-2010.

A protest leader killed in a shooting at hands of reds..

The NYSlimes (Always on the wrong side) is yammering:

BANGKOK — Hundreds of thousands of people were blocked from voting on Sunday as antigovernment demonstrators obstructed polling places in Bangkok and southern Thailand in a campaign to ‘suspend’ democracy and replace Parliament with an unelected “people’s council.” More:  Thai Protesters ‘Disrupt’ Early Voting in South

(They are not wanting to suspend ‘democracy’, they want a tyrant gone)  Thailand has its own currency, this situation is nothing like the issue in Ukraine.)

Look how complicit NYTimes is in their wording, calling protesters ‘undermine.’

Click: Continuing Unrest Could Undermine Thailand’s Economy

EU official urges political dialogue  Why is EU there??  None of their business. Thailand is INDEPENDENT/SOVEREIGN. This means that soon America will be involved if not already.  QV believes America is already in the mix, look for his comments.



13 thoughts on “Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

  1. Congrats MJ. You have covered Thailand’s acute uprising accurately and extensively. So, all who accuse me of being anti-america, anti-west, look at yourself. Who is invading, creating chaos and mayhem, and destroying sovereign nations if not your own fucking western filthy nations? Now, tell us out here in the Far East, why we shouldn’t nuke America and the EU, which the Russkies will do now they have nuclear capable missiles to Kaliningrad, which is next to Poland. Oh, did I tell you that the Pentagon is very alarmed of China’s new ultra-high speed strike vehicle which poses a serious challenge to the US. It can strike US bases. And America too. Shall we strike your country and liberate you Amerikaners to get back your lost ‘democracy’ now that Sodomite 0bama has imposed Fascism as Rule of Law ?

    A State of Emergency has been declared in Thailand (Wednesday). Yingluck is trying to buy time to flee to the North – Chiang Mai where the Shinawatras are trying to set up their fiefdom and divide Thailand. Chiang Mai has become an America colony populated with filthy, aged, wealthy Amerikaners who strut like ‘princes’ and pollute the place that only UGLY Amerikaners can. Wealthy Europeans also hide there having escaped their respective country’s tax. Disgusting Westerners!

    Fortunately for Thailand, the people are United. They will die voluntarily for their king and country (which Wall St. Thaksin hates and loathes including the entire fucking America/West) Thaksin’s proxy regime have again attacked Thai protestors with the deadly 40mm. M-79 grenade launcher a couple of days ago. In broad daylight a core protest leader was assassinated, and the oh so democracy, human rights, Right to protect fucking US s silent. What’s horrifying is, Thaksin turned on his own supporters – the rice farmers. Thailand’s English paper “The Nation” would also report in their article, “Unpaid rice farmers allege intimidation as protest ends,”

    It is very obvious that fronted by former Democrat party member Suthep Thaugsuban and tacitly backed by a royal establishment with power centers in the bureaucracy, courts, military and monarchy, the People’s Democratic Reform Council (PDRC) protest group has mobilized at times massive numbers in a national capital-paralyzing bid to force Yingluck’s resignation and purge Thaksin’s family’s influence.

    Thaksin and Yingluck are vying instead for an immediate electoral solution to the mounting crisis, a democratic prescription widely endorsed by Western governments and foreign media but discouraged by the national Election Commission tasked with overseeing the polls.

    The Western media prostitutes fabricate news, omit facts on the ground, and work for Fortune 500 corporations that pay their salary. They are the fascist, bigoted, filth that encourage terrorists in Ukraine, and the terrorists in Thailand for Thaksin Shinawatra. To fleece Thailand and enslave the proud Thai people. The entire Western media machine carry their lying, fascist propaganda far and wide. The CIA is already there. US Marines and Navy Seals directed by the CIA are murdering Thais.

    I do not think a Civil War will happen in Thailand as the people are United to King and country.

  2. Hi MJ,
    We are watching bible prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes. “And nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” Personally, I still think that Obama is a serious contender for the end times Antichrist. We will soon find out!

  3. Denise, if this idiot lives for the next 10-15 years, yes, I also believe he is the son of satan prophesied of in the book of Revelation and also the books of Daniel

  4. AND, also, WHERE does it say that the anti christ will be ‘adored?’
    Looks to me like he will be hated by those that hate the devil and evil

  5. HAHAHA! There was a clip on cable showing Yingluck’s 3 high-level Thai officials, palms clasped together, begging permission to get back to work. The protest leader, Luang Pu Buddha Issara, in flowing orange robes sat sternly as they meekly beseeched him: We are begging for your mercy.
    The opposition has taken possession of every Thai administrative building! People power pays. Learn from Buddhists, stupid, coward Amerikaners.

    So, to stupid Sodomite Westerners. Buddhism knows how to handle explosive situations without resorting to violence like you filth who arm terrorists, use Marines and Navy Seals in stealth supervised by your sodomite CIA to murder opposition members.

    What did the monk say? “Lord Buddha once taught that effects only come from causes. And right now, the CAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM IS THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT”.

    It was an extraordinarily humbling moment for Yingluck Shinawatra’s embattled administration. Thailand’s middle and upper class now are on the side of the monks and disdain Yingluck for her deals with Sodomite America’s/West corporations. 500 years of invading, murdering, plundering at will and breeding generations of parasites is so difficult to give up, 0 Sodomite Filthy Evil West. Now Buddhist monks have joined in the fight. Best you Fuck Off , filthy Sodomites of the West. Thailand has been plundered enough, its children sodomised by you satanlings.

    Face it. If your stooge Thaksin had the capacity or will to launch a UDD-led rural insurgency aimed at partitioning the country, he would have done so in the highly charged aftermath of the 2010 military crackdown when he was still in power.

    Buddhist and People Power backed by Thai Royalty and the Royal Military will win.


  6. No nation is fighting against Thailand but SODOMITE WEST. That the SODOMITE WEST AMERICA is fighting ‘nation against nation’ has been on since 1947.

    Sorry Ladies. 0bama is NOT the Anti-Christ. He is a forerunner conditioning the world for the coming Anti-Christ. It is that he got a majority of the United States citizenry to capitulate their hearts and minds to an obviously evil government entity, and in so doing, set the example to the world on how to do it. He claimed the minds of an already evil people, including 6.5 evangelical ‘christians’ and manipulated them far down the path that satan wants them to go. It is Sodomite Nigger 0bama that is advancing the antichrist decree of Islam and assisting the Muslim Brotherhod to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate in the ME by force. He already has 6 MB holding key positions in his regime. . There should be no question in any Bible-believing person’s mind that Islam is an antichrist system.

    His 84 billion $ funding on LBGT to force anus fucking on the world and punish countries refusing to is the clearest sign. It is a direct spit and slap on God’s face. And Sodom America cheered! Hence the open hatred for Christian Russia! And Sodomite Amerikaners sitting on their arse enjoying the slaughter of Christians in Syria , pleased that the ME is cleansed of Christianity that they hate and loathe with a vengeance.

    His end, and the end of America will come ( soon) when Sodomite America forces Israel to give Jerusalem to the palis. Sodomite America threatened Israel in Davos: Accept Negotiated End-Times Peace Deal or Cease to Be A Democratic Jewish State.

    Wah. So oh so democracy, so human rights, so Right to Protect, This is how a Hooligan, a street thug, a filthy nation of satan’s children called America behaves at a World Economic Forum,.

    What the world will see, (especially me, waiting impatiently) is the End of the ME and the End of Sodomite America. And it can’t come soon enough!!

  7. Why America will be punished severely. Get your ashes, sack cloth ready!

    Jews cry NO to Sodomite America’s utterly, utterly demonized Ketchup Kerry who wants to hand control of Jerusalem to the God-doomed palis. Don’t I repeatedly write that America is a Continent of Muslim Arselickers? Why do you think they re-elected a Muslim Nigger?

  8. That is what I had already written in my comment qv36said:
    January 30, 2014 at 2:28 PM
    ……….What’s horrifying is, Thaksin turned on his own supporters – the rice farmers. Thailand’s English paper “The Nation” would also report in their article, “Unpaid rice farmers allege intimidation as protest ends,”
    His sister Yingluck, with no political experience, won on a slim margin in 2011 on a populist platform anchored by a pledge to buy every single grain of rice grown by farmers at above-market, fixed prices. Two and a half years later, the government is now faced with a debt of about 100 billion baht ($A3.4 billion) to 1.4 million farmers who have yet to be paid for their main rice crop, sold to the government in October. This rice scam has collapsed in scandal, corruption, and bankruptcy, The Telegraph reported: threats against these rice farmers and their families have already been made. The farmers are now the ‘enemies’ and ‘traitors’ to the Shinawatras and thus grenades were thrown at them, several were intimidated by Thaksin’s bullies (The US loves it) with threats of violence and deaths. Assassinations have been the preferred method of Thaksin Shinawatra and his political machine in dealing with opponents both big and small.
    Now, the Sodomite America/CIA supported thug threatens to Kidnap & Kill Daughters of Army Chief. The Royal Thai Army on Sunday condemned an anti-coup activist and supporter of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra after he urged liked-minded people to hold the twin daughters of army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha hostage if the general stages a coup reports the Bangkok Post.

    The Bangkok Post would continue:

    Mr Sudchai, a former leader of the red-shirt Saturday People Against the Coup group, urged supporters to catch the twins either alive or dead.
    “Taking them alive as hostages will be very good. But catching them dead is also worth it. Prayuth will know the taste of losing loved ones.”

    Throughout Thaksin Shinawatra’s administration he was notorious for intimidating the press, and crushing dissent. According to Amnesty International, 18 human rights defenders were either assassinated or disappeared during his first term in office. Among them was human rights activist and lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit. He was last seen in 2004 being arrested by police and never seen again.

    In August of 2013, businessman and outspoken Thaksin opponent Ekkayuth Anchanbutr was abducted and murdered.

    The oh so democracy, human rights, R2P US gave Thaksin FULL BACKING for all the assassinations.
    January 31, 2014 (ATN) – The London Telegraph published a disturbing admission taken directly from deposed dictator Thaksin Shinawatra’s “red shirt” leader Wuttipong Kochthammakul, also known as “Ko Tee.” The Telegraph admitted:

    “This is already a war, but so far it is an unarmed war,” said Ko Tee. “If there is a coup, or the election doesn’t happen, then it definitely becomes an armed war.”
    If anyone doubted the abyss into which Thailand could be heading, Ko Tee – who has been accused of orchestrating grenade attacks on anti-government marches in the thai capital – is the living proof.
    “I want there to be lots of violence to put an end to all this,” he said. “I’m bored by speeches. It’s time to clean the country, to get rid of the elite, all of them.”

    This is the London Telegraph and others shamelessly promoting conspiracy to commit mass murder under the guise of “purging the elite” even when Thaksin and his “red shirts” have already turned on the very rural poor they claim to be defending.

    500 years of Invade, Murder, Plunder is in the DNA of every filthy Anglo-Saxon. They must all be eliminated.

    Both Forbes and the New York Times published direct quotes from the ruling party’s leadership inside of Thailand, and from Thaksin Shinawatra himself, declaring that he was ruling the country remotely. And they are very, very proud of it.

    On the eve of the military coup that ousted him from power, Thaksin was literally standing before the Fortune 500-funded Council on Foreign Relations giving a progress report in New York City.

    It is clear that the West has invested astronomical amounts of time and resources into the Shinwatra regime, and its condemnation of anti-regime protesters constitutes the West attempting to protect their investments, not any ideal of “rule of law” or “democracy.

    Thaksin was appointed by the Carlyle Group (Bush Family & that murderess bitch of England) *” see next comment as an advisor.

    While holding public office, he attempted to use his connections to boost his political image. Thanong Khanthong of Thailand’s English newspaper “the Nation,” wrote in 2001:

    “In April 1998, while Thailand was still mired in a deep economic morass, Thaksin tried to use his American connections to boost his political image just as he was forming his Thai Rak Thai Party. He invited Bush senior to visit Bangkok and his home, saying his own mission was to act as a “national matchmaker” between the US equity fund and Thai businesses. In March, he also played host to James Baker III, the US secretary of state in the senior Bush administration, on his sojourn in Thailand.”

    This will be a fight to the death. That’s why America, all western corporate figures must be neutralized. The battle is already underway. Many have fled, many have resigned. But there are still some who are dangerous enough. You will read more and more revelations of them in coming days as Tony Blair faces arrest, and the bitch ‘queen’ has already a Warrant for Arrest issued. That’s why she has handed most of her duties to Charles and William.

  9. And now we come to the Bitch they call ‘queen’ in the Isles of Paedophiles.

    This week Queen Elizabeth, the MURDERESS of Princess Diana (nee Spencer of the House of Lancaster dating back 500 years) was implicated in another international child exploitation ring as she handed over responsibilities to Prince Charles .
    According to award-winning film producer Bill Maloney who interviewed on the UK Column News Live Radio, a whistle-blower, “Andrew,” recently testified to the Daily Express Newspaper that he was prostituted to British Royalty in an international child exploitation ring.
    Is Satanic Ritual Abuse child exploitation rings being perpetrated by global elites in our neighborhoods, on our children? If so, do they have the connections to effectively cover-up the child rape, torture and murder of thousands?
    The Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring was said to involve prominent leaders in the British Parliament, entertainment, political, legal and medical fields and included former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger.
    This was the second time the Queen had been charged with affiliation to a Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring. On Feb. 25 2013 an international court found her and Prince Phillip guilty of taking ten aboriginal youngsters from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School on Oct.10 1964. Parents haven’t seen their children since.
    “We have an international child exploitation ring operating in every democratic government on our planet” stated Bill Maloney in the radio interview with Lou Collins.
    Some brave souls were speaking out: “The heroic effort of Toos to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today now that others are coming forward to confirm her story,” stated Kevin Annett, whose ITCCS successfully prosecuted the Queen, Pope Ratzinger, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and 37 other global elites.

    Also look up: Queen avoids arrest for child trafficking by detaining innocent man?

    January 10, 2014
    Should the Queen of England be allowed to obstruct justice?
    Queen Elizabeth was allegedly involved in yesterday’s imprisonment of British citizen David Compan who was held against his will and sedated in the London Imperial College mental hospital. No charges have been filed.
    What was Compan’s crime?
    The child abuse advocate was attempting to enforce a Brussels Court of Justice warrant issued on the Royal Couple for their role in the disappearance of ten children. On Feb. 25 2013 six international judges found the Queen and Prince Phillip guilty of taking ten aboriginal youngsters from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School on Oct.10 1964. The pre-teens haven’t been seen or heard of since.

  10. No, not me MJ. We appreciate that infowars has reported on the US/CIA/US Corporates financed chaos/murder of activists in Thailand and the destruction of Thailand with the aim of returning their Corrupt Traitor Thaksin to continue pillaging Thailand. Infowars lifted the facts from the Nation. At least the western ignoramus gets alternative news instead of the repeat slanting, double-speak, deceitful and insidious ‘class war’ narrative that only the Sodomite Western media Prostitutes are known for.

    The traitor Thaksin sold his country and people to filthy American corporations that invested billions in Thailand with the aim of turning Thailand into a colony. The Thai people, the Thai Royalty, the Thai Buddhist Monks , backed by the Royal Thai Military will not let this happen.

    The Thai people have great reverence for their king and Buddhist monks. And they love their country more than any westerner. Who would betray one and all for an anus to fuck! Fucking Truth!

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