Pittsburgh: Gang Of Young, White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

Gang Of White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

No, that’s not what happened but it got your attention because America only cares if it’s a racial crime perpetrated against a black person but not a white person.

4 young, black women beat this young white woman below as they were screaming ‘white bitch’ — Same type racial/beating happened to The Mad Jewess when she was younger.

Update:  This event took place in August:  Huffington Post reported it.  But, did we hear about it on the news?  No.  If it was 3 white females who did this, we would have heard about it for a year on the main stream.

Read it here:  Young Pittsburgh woman savagely beaten in racially motivated mob attack


-David Ben Moshe

11 thoughts on “Pittsburgh: Gang Of Young, White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

  1. I am so sorry you were a victim… and you are right. Imagine this the other way around. Horrible as to the racial divide heated up by our own president. I’m surprised he hasn’t come out to say, “She could have been my daughter.”

  2. You know, anyone can be a victim of a crime.
    But, when it is a black on white crime: Nobody reports it, everyone is more scared of the N word and being called a racist more than they fear life/death.
    Its preposterous.

  3. I’ve seen gang attacks take place. I think when a group attacks, then all should be charged with attempted murder. If they just encircle someone and prevent leaving then its false imprisonment.

    There is a group dynamic which takes place, making these attacks deadly and terrorizing. No-one is responsible, every one wants to show off and get in a kick.

    It is terrorizing far beyond the actual odds of getting attacked, it makes the victim color feel they are targeted by many/most of the aggressor color – because THEY stick together, and few of them speak against attacking whites, act like it’s fair retribution.

    The worst scum are the racist demagogues that stir up the street idiots for political gain. The Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson types.

  4. Orgies between black and white lesbians are fine until racial fiction occurs. Violence is common.

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