St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

So, I thought us Joos owned Hillary…?  This woman is evil.  She wants to be Queen of America.  If any idiot votes in this filth, it is evident that they love Obama’s policies because she will continue them.

The Constitution prohibits U.S. government employees from keeping presents worth more than $350.

Read more: Here (NY Daily News)
An art collage from November 2013

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21 thoughts on “St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

  1. I have to say something here. I worked for the WH long ago. Reagan and Bush were in office then. When we visited Saudi, we were each given a nice, new, expensive Rollex Watch and “cash” as “gifts” from the Saudi (King, prince, someone, I don’t remember now).

    Working for the US Government, in the Military – we of course, could not KEEP any of the items (including the “cash”) and had to turn it in. We couldn’t give it BACK to them because it was “insulting” – but we DID have to turn it into the Government Finance offices in charge of taking care of our paperwork.

    I know that government officials are under similar rules.

    I can’t BELIEVE State Department would have something different. This woman needs to go to jail.

    Or I want my fucking Rollex back.

  2. Nah, evil is not partial to Jews.
    Saudi King is just an Arab.

    There are plenty enough rotten “Jews” without any assistance

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  4. Murderess Shitlery Clinton leads in the polls. As I said, Amerikaners have a weakness for Murderers.

    Clinton, who would become the first female president if elected, shows enormous strength among women in the new poll. She leads Christie among female voters by 59 percent to 34 percent — more than double the 11-point margin Obama held over Romney.

    NOW, it can be truly said: Blame the Women! Airheads!

  5. Karol, my friend, I am deeply ashamed of women in the UNITED STATES.
    They are NOT like this in every nation/country/state

  6. I don’t think American are stupid, what I’ve seen is…that for some they get good heart and take for granted what you are saying. So when you honest it feels great not to dig this and that to prove your point. But when you are dishonest Saying Obama care is good…They react, well, if they say obama care is good, let’s go to Obama care.. It’s not be stupid, easily mislead.. too much trust in the media. But I like people like that, because in the other hand, you got those, suspicious about everything, with an eye going 360°
    I just hope that the middle ground exist in all that, and it there the majority can be found. And That They’ve Seen Enough of Hillary Clinton, that Now Need New Face Absolutely…

  7. Amerikaners are STUPID. Period! they’ve lost their country, their freedom, their Constitution, and walk in clouds of delusion.

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