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Hoax? White-Hating, Genocidal Website On Tumblr Called “F*ck Yeah, Dead White People”


[This could be a hoax website, but one never knows on the net.  We have filed a complaint with the Internet crime center]  It has been brought to my attention that this person who wrote this website might be Jewish.   Since he wants the death of whites, may we advise that he kills himself first? American Jews are white.   Since Hitler murdered more white people than any other dictator in history including Stalin, we suggest he start his own Neo-Nazi, Totalitarian party.    On the other hand, he could be a Neo-Nazi himself, posing as a Jew.  Regardless, turn it in with the information at the bottom of this post.

Click to see:  “Fuck Yeah Dead White People”


 Knoxville, TN’s top Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders news stories. Current Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders news for Knoxville, Tennessee and its surrounding communities from Knoxville News Sentinel.  I love this story.  I masturbate to the details of it every day.


White people where never legitimately alive.  Their very lives are abominations and acts of theft and murder.  To kill them is to right a wrong.

Most people actually agree with me on some level.  No one is going to do a motherfucking thing to me.  But they’re not going to find me either.  It is impossible to be racist against white people.  The world now accepts this.  Singling out and murdering white people en mass is not racism.  It has nothing to do with race.  Its perfectly fine to kill white people.  This is widely accepted by the civilized world now and its certainly accepted and encouraged in the the 3rd world.

He seems to take delight in the deaths of white, American people—posts & gloats about it:

G-d I just love it when people get what they deserve.

As you have read this posting, hoax or not,  I ask you to take a good look at the murdered white people above & then ask yourself if there is not a genocide of white people in America at the hands of Obama’s sons.

To turn this website in:  Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

-David Ben Moshe