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See This Poster On Reddit:  “I Was A Victim Of The Knock-Out Game, Ask Me Anything”

Communists in the main steam media claim that the knock-out game is a false phenomena, made up by the right-wing.  They say this to protect violent blacks & to cover up their false narratives.

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See his post and comments in the last 20 hours, here.

One poster on the thread provides some excellent links:

And as Colin Flaherty thoroughly documented in his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot”, racially motivated black-on-White crime is an epidemic in the USA (and globally). And as he’s also made a strong argument for, Dirt-Baggers that control the media are actively covering up this growing epidemic of black-on-White hate crimes because it completely destroys the black victim/White oppressor narrative that they’ve been fanatically pushing on the masses for decades. And because they’re deathly afraid that if White people knew just how common and barbaric black-on-White hate crimes were, then White people might join racist White Nationalist groups like the KKK in droves…

More links from the above commenter regarding racial crimes:

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-David Ben Moshe