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So, Whats Up? DOW Down 300+ & 4 Major Bankers Have Committed Suicide

Even though ‘bankers’ do not have the same meaning as back in the 30’s, (because banks are major corps now)  these are 4 big-shots in the banking industry.

Ya got me whats up!!!  I am just a notch above middle class, barely.. Interesting though: 4 bankers ‘commit suicide’ and the DOW is down, 326.  I don’t even believe the #’s of the NYSE, anyway.. But, I am wondering just what is happening behind the scenes… Maybe it is Janet Yellen’s coronation into the Fed Reserve.. Maybe they ran out of paper.  Or, maybe the ‘conspiracy’ theorists are right in predicting the dollar collapse & the end of the world…

Financial world shaken by 4 bankers‘ apparent suicides in a week

A Commenter stated:

Chili Boots: Bankers do not commit suicide.