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Communism: Common  Core Backers: Your Children ‘Belong To All Of Us’ – Take Your Kids OUT Of Schools

We go from a culture of “We dont need no education” to “Your children belong to all of us”

Don’t tell me this isn’t Communism when it is.  I have a Mother, my mother had me.  YOUR children are owned by you until they reach 26 years old. (Obamacare allows your children to be 26 until they are cut off from your healthcare insurance.)

I really don’t know why this country puts up with these Communists & believes they can be ‘voted out.’  Communists are totalitarians and must be executed, Just as that Republican Candidate said.

As this is going on…Justice Scalia says that America will return to internment camps: SCALIA PREDICTS RETURN OF INTERNMENT CAMPS

If that isn’t bad enough… These stupid, idiotic, un-educated college students below believe all gun owners should be locked up–would that include their own parents?? 

If it’s not Communism, just what the hell do you think it is?  I thought the fema-camp ‘conspiracy theorists’ were wacko?  I guess not anymore.