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South African Genocide Of Whites In Stage 6 According To Genocide Watch


Genocide Watch is reporting that SA is in stage 6 of mass genocide:  South Africa

Why is it that the whole world only seems to take note of hunger, starvation and genocide when it’s a person of darker color?  Why are whites thought of as nothing? Is it because of the 1800’s and black slavery?  Every single race & ethnicity of people have been enslaved.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  I am sick and tired of the hungry people in the ‘stans’, the other Africans and all of those countries that are much larger.   The world is racist;  it is racist against whites.  This is a SMALL minority in South Africa that nobody even cares about.  It’s sickening.

I believe that the evil, left wing ‘Jews’ & fraud Christians who aided in the anti apartheid garbage should be made to pay for everything these whites have had to suffer in SA.  They should be made to pay for new homes, any where they want to live and a severance of one million dollars, each.  


 I dont want to hear about what happened before.  It is the year 2014.  All you leftists do is bring death and destruction to every situation in this planet.