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#ANTIWAR Obama: Now, It’s #Bahrain Where Anti-Gov “Protesters” Are Hurling Molotov Cocktails, Just Like In Ukraine.

*Note: the left does not call them rebels anymore, they call them “opposition groups” in order to throw us sheep off.


Below in one of the links provided, you will see how military officials (Former JCOS, General Shelton) claim Obama has plotted to destabilize regimes in the Middle East.  Why is it NOT OK when Bush did it, but OK when Obama does it?  The main stream media does not report on Obama’s aggression in the middle east–ever.  The facts are the facts:  Bush’s policies were bad enough, but Obama has continued them through with more force than the Liberal, George Bush.

Obama sold weapons to Bahrain:  Here’s a quick update on the Obama administration’s  decision to sell arms to the Bahrain regime.

Bahraini police firing teargas and birdshot have clashed with stone-throwing protesters in a village west of the capital after the funeral of a young man who died in custody, witnesses said.   The violence on Sunday followed the death of Fadhel Abbas, and threatened to sour a new attempt to restart negotiations between Bahrain’s government and opposition groups.

More-See: Protesters and police clash in Bahrain

See: New law makes ‘offending’ Bahrain king punishable by up to 7 years in prison

More on Obama arms:  Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Egypt & Bahrain…

And, not so fast, “Progressive” Commies.. General Shelton has been questioning a few US regimes:  General (JCOS) Hugh Shelton on Clinton, Rumsfeld, and McCain

Didn’t Senator Barack Obama run as an anti war Prez?  What a totalitarian liar.

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