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Victoria Nuland, Who We’ve Been Covering Says “F’k The EU” Even Though She’s Working WITH The EU

Victoria Nuland in Ukraine:


What can we expect from an Obama stooge?   Nuland has been enraging Ukrainians & Euromaidan- advising them to JOIN the EU Union!! What an IDIOT!!!

The Huffington Post reported:

U.S. officials say they suspect Russia is behind the leak of an apparently bugged phone conversation about Ukraine between two senior American diplomats in which they make disparaging comments about the European Union.

Gateway Pundit hat tip even though he does not know whats going on in Ukraine, ditto most Americans: CAUGHT ON TAPE: State Dept. Official Victoria Nuland Says “F*ck the EU!” on Bugged Call (Video)

Facts:  Victoria Nuland has been engaging in a revolution in Kiev to undermine a government WITH EU backers: Vid Of Victoria Nuland In Kiev, Ukraine. Nuland … –   More on Ukraine, here:  HERE

Here is Nuland in Ukraine demanding Yankovych (elected leader) to step down… Looks like she will have to step down LOL

Here she is in a mix saying “Fuck the EU”

This is the drek this impossible witch is helping enable: