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Communist Tweeter’s Getting Patriots Suspended For Up To 6 Days On Twitter:

The left just does not obey the rules not matter what.

This Twitterer (below) named “Gamma Rae” uses ‘Block Lagoon’  as a tag line to advise her little, red army of Communist traitors to spam patriots and conservatives. This is what her twitter page says:

Rae Busch

Rae Busch@GammaRae206

GOP & Tea Party dish it; I dish back PROFANELY. Creatures sent to Block Lagoon without a second thought. Had MORE than enough of your fact-free idiot shit.


Also threatening suspension:



In her tweet below, she used her “Block Lagoon” tag line  against my friend, @Yehudi3 in her tweet to Yehudi (Who was suspended for 6 days this last week)


raebushWhen they spam/block, what they are doing in their screwed up minds is psychologically murdering fellow Americans who disagree with Communism.