An art collage from August 2013

Cool Water, TMJ. P. AsheDina C. 2013

Early this am I had a dream.  Obama/Holder were going through impeachment hearings & firings.  The crimes they had both committed were so atrocious that I was kicked out of the court hearing because of the embarrassment the scandal would cause the nation as a whole.  -End of the dream.

Situations & scandals will get more embarrassing for Obama/Holder/Biden/Boehner.  Maybe the Ukraine SNAFU will do him in?  Because Benghazi won’t.  It hasn’t this far.  It will have to be an international crisis.  Russia could bring in tanks to Ukraine (after the olympics) and flatten the ‘opposition’ including Nuland, which would not bother me.

At any rate… I am going to be watching more foreign events, observing what the monster US Govt is doing.  I believe that many nations/countries would like to see us blown to bits.  Can’t say at this point in time I don’t agree.   I say this with great sadness.  Our govt. will not leave people alone in other countries that are poor & destitute.    So, my ‘change’ will be more foreign events.   Plenty of blogs are keeping up with the goings-on in our new Communist hell-hole we call America.

Dang, this dude is hot stuff in the vid (on the sailboat)   😀

Love, Me