Now, It’s Bosnia Protesting, Setting Everything On Fire In Serajevo

Now, It’s Bosnia That Is Protesting, Setting Everything On Fire In Serajevo

We pray that Serbia is not affected.  The Serbs have been put through hell and back because of Bill Clinton.

*There are too many conflicting stories at this point to know what is happening.  The protests have been going on for 6-10 days.  I find it interesting that these protests in Bosnia already have a Wikipedia page, though:  2014 unrest in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Bosnia has struggled under the most cumbersome political system in Europe, created by the American-brokered Dayton peace accords

The news:  Over 130 injured as Bosnian anti-government protests turn violent

More: Bosnia: ‘It’s just like Ukraine’ – Deutsche Welle 

More: Anger in Bosnia, but this time the people can read their leaders

EXCERPT: ‘Last week, cities were burning in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It all began in Tuzla, a city with a Muslim majority.

A Bosnian protester sets a local government building on fire during protests in the Bosnian town of Tuzla (AP)

This is what a commenter says:

Atlanta Bill:

“It will be interesting to see what the perfidious EU leaders say about Bosnia, considering their insistence that the Ukrainian government be overthrown for comparatively paltry reasons. Bosnia has effectively been an EU/NATO colony, whereas Ukraine has so far resisted attempts by EU/NATO agitators of a shady background (at least for those not familiar with the history of WWII Europe) to turn it into one. The name “Josef Broz Tito” was the recent winner in a Slovenian naional election. Živela Jugoslavija!”

We will continue to watch it as we can.  It’s too early to tell what is transpiring.  Maybe QV knows.

7 thoughts on “Now, It’s Bosnia Protesting, Setting Everything On Fire In Serajevo

  1. What’s not to understand what’s happening in Bosnia? What’s so hard to understand what’s happening in Bosnia.
    Bosnia, you know, that Satan America went in to murder 800,000 Orthodox Christians because America HATES & LOATHES CHIRSTIANS & CHRISTIANITY? BUT, America loves the Muslim Arse. Kosovo was created for their darling muslim arses.

    So, Terrorist America, the Evil that is at War with Humanity, drew up what is known as the Dayton Accords. By constructing a decentralized state that gave each, warring Serbs, Croats and Muslims, a share of power and none of them dominance. BUT, Bosnia is ruled by Muslims & Croats. The Croats being Catholics have a track record of murdering and plundering. The Muslims have a track record the world belongs to them according to their god – satan’s allah, and everyone who is a non muslim is a dhimmi, and must lick and suck the muslim’s toes. Which America, Britain and EU nations are doing – groveling, sniveling, spineless masses of protoplasms went further – they made the Muslim Arse their god. Tusla, , a former industrial hub in northern Bosnia, laid off workers, setting off demonstrations across the Muslim-Croat part of Bosnia.

    Far less unrest has been reported in the parts of the country run by the Serbian Republic. For how long before EVIL AMERICA decides to stir up chaos and murder Serbs who the Amerikaners feel have no right to live?

    Croats, readers dear, are Roman Catholics. The Vatican wanted Croatia and Bill Klingon of Satan America, the plague on earth, balkanized Yugoslavia acting on a LIE (the US are accomplished LIARS) went on a Murder Spree to achieve that.

    Think fucking Amerikaners or their prostitutes licking the muslim arse were bothered? Nah, they wanted to know how many bombs succeeded to murder Serbs. 78 days bombing, readers dear. That gives you an idea how EVIL the Continent of Psychopaths are.

    Oh, Satan America poured in billions into Bosnia while they ripped organs from live Serbs , all youths, for transplant in all Rockefeller hospitals.

    Everything that Evil America touches, draws up is Satan’s plan. Believe it. And FAILS. Everytime! Guaranteed! And so we see the Dayton Accords in the Shit. Not surprising!

  2. I was shocked out of my gourds to see this going on in Bosnia, QV and as usual, you are right

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  4. No,most Bosnia is most muslim country, more than 60 percent.And catholics barely get space there cos of muslims.

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