RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!     Yep, thats what black people were telling me on twitter! Shirley Temple deliberately wore black face..!

Shirley Temple is the left’s new poster girl for white racism because they can’t find a real white racist..


Shirley Temple has passed on.  She was so adorable.  Just a little girl who made it as a big star. Then, became an ambassador and defeated cancer.  How does the left react to her death?  The usual hate-filled lies.  Like:  Shirley Temple was a racist who stereo-typed blacks even though, in 1936, she danced with Bojangles in “The Little Colonel” at age 6 or so?  A white person dancing with a black person was something that was really not acceptable in 1936 America, let alone a child & an adult:

The fact that they had Temple dancing w/ Bojangles shows ‘tolerance’…

In one of the scenes Temple starred in one of her movies-she was hiding from the Army.  In the scene, they had her face/hands disguised with black shoe polish ..OMG…’RACIST.’    Please.. Gimme a break.  We ALL know what real bigotry is here on this blog:  Blacks who hate whites, it’s an epidemic now.   I would black-face myself if I thought it could save my Jewish ass in a war.

The left is bitter and wicked,  also saying she was evil because Temple was a Republican.  They seem to forget that back in those days, the DNC was out hanging black people with the Ku Klux Klan.   They don’t recall that their beloved Democrat, FDR was a racist & a Jew-hating slob: The Tragedy of S.S. St. Louis

I loved Shirley Temple.  An icon of old Hollywood Americana.   Not the Communist piss-hole Tinseltown is now.  Here is the satanic left screaming that about ‘racist’ Shirley Temple, ‘GOP’, bla bla bla: CLICK

Temples character depiction picture in a movie where the Civil War was the story in a Hollywood flick is RACIST!!

18 thoughts on “RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

  1. Shirley Temple Black deserves the respect of all Americans. What a talent she was! She grew up unspoiled, thanks to her parents, and never once embarrassed herself or the nation by being involved in a scandal. Shirley served her country honorably. How many child stars out there have been able to even come close to what she achieved over a lifetime? The young, ignorant, uninformed left make me want to puke over the ugly statements they have made about this wonderful woman. They are so lost in this world.

  2. Shame on you asshole – for thinking Shirley Temple is a racist yet not looking at our black community in America at present and THEIR racism that is creating the tense atmosphere.
    Get lost idiot

  3. I see why your look like a man in drag, you filthy kike bitch. You worry about “black racism”, yet you ignore systematic oppression that black people have faced. Perhaps I should start a blog, stating that Jews overexaggerate about the supposed holocaust. Since you are too ignorant to understand the history of oppression against black people in America, certainly you can understand that Hitler wasn’t so bad either, eh? It’s all you whining Jew fucks that make it seem more of a big deal. Like I’m sure you would tell blacks to GET OVER IT. Why don’t you get over it, you ugly Jew broad? In that wig, you look like an ugly chick with a dick. Perhaps you should work more on your looks, you filthy ignorant cunt.

  4. F U to that leader in the below video.He obviously never saw some ugly black women who crack at their 20’s yet all whites are crackas? Bunch of morons

  5. Fine post. Well, that didn’t take them long to paint her a racist bigot. Proves their network of hate is alive and well… real racists in tow. Had she been a commie/Marxist, the praises would be flowing.

  6. So, THIS is what they teach in affirmative action schools:

    I see why ‘your’ mad.
    It’s YOU ARE or YOU’RE with an apostrophe ( ‘ )

    Everyone knows what blacks males do now to white people:
    Murder, rape, rob, ‘knock out.’

    Yeah, get over the 1960’s. It’s 2014.
    You don’t go through shit in this country.
    YOU are the oppressors now. To the max. With bad music.

    And, I may be ugly with bad hair, etc.. But I will never be as ugly as a nasty black with a BAD attitude.

    Bye bitch..
    Remember, it was dumbass, pathetic Liberal Jews who died so you black sonofabitches could have *not just civil rights*, but the people with the ONLY rights in USA.
    These idiot, Liberal Jews went into neighborhoods that hated them FOR YOU people that HATE them!
    Now, your nasty blacks BEAT Jews in NYC!

    What a mistake THAT was!
    Seeing that you are talking about the Holocaust:
    These were a couple that Hitler missed!

  7. @Tina, what is your point?Where is she whining about jews here?Also, tell me the last book your read on Holocaust……that’s right, NONE! Get away from here moron, and face it that you want to cover the crimes that blacks do.Irish people have been opressed by centuries too.You care about their slavery?? NOT! Poor hypocrite.

  8. Shes an idiot.
    I dont whine.
    Was taught NOT TO EVER whine!

    Shes just a moonbat! Idiot!
    Black oppressor!

  9. And, I dont wear a wig! That is a glamour shot! I look great in my pic! Shes just JEALOUS!

  10. I’m not sure if you’re open to dialogue, or just out to push your propaganda, but I’ll try anyway. Racism isn’t just one ethnicity against another, but it includes socio-economic superiority as well, meaning which ever ethnicity runs the state (country) is the only group, by definition that can be racist. That being said, there are some blacks that have been discriminatory toward others which is always wrong, but again, not racist. Also, Shirley Temple being forced by her producers at a young age to dance with a black man does not mean that she is tolerant. What she did when she was older, and able to make these decisions is what many were upset at, not what she did when she was barely able to tie her shoes.

  11. Mr.Wilson:

    #1. Racism now is black against white. Go look at the stats of the crimes of black on white, we dont accept ‘propaganda’ here and do our best to tell the truth.
    #2. In 1936, that most certainly was tolerant. Go learn history.
    #3. What she did when she was older… I find interesting that you would say such a silly thing:
    Considering that Bill Robinson, (Mr. Bojangles) left everything to evil, little girl and racist extraordinaire, Shirley Temple.
    #4. Shirley Temple, white-supremacist-bigot was an ambassador to GHANA.

    What was she wrong about, Mr. Wilson? That she was ignorant about the Vietnam war. As most Americans were. Which has *ZERO* to do with racism and everything to do with American f’d up foreign policy since 1948.

    #5. White people are still a majority, which is WHY they run the state. Go bitch to the Arabs or Asians & most S. American countries about that shit.
    They have NO blacks and NO whites. AND, they are better off like that b/c its THEIR country and it has ZERO to do with racism, just nationalism.

    And, after looking at what Barack Hussein Obama has done in the last 5 years, I would be EMBARRASSED to ever vote for ANYONE but a Caucasian, God fearing Christian, white male. (NO women)

  12. Renaldo,Lol at your comment.Socio economic status is everyone’s personal responsibility.Just because 60 % of black guys drop out of high schools means white supremacy and discrimination or personal responsibility?Black being discriminatory isn’t racist? Is a guy ,who keeps sending me comments that I am a devil and beast cos im white ,racist? Not according to you!
    What is that you dont understand that blacks are ruining their own people,95 % of blacks being murdered is by ANOTHER BLACK PERSON!! Not whites or jews or whatever! They just cant be civil.

  13. Real bigotry is Blacks AND Whites who hate EACH OTHER and all look for excuses to destroy EACH OTHER instead of coming to their senses and practicing LOVE! It takes two to tango and the blame game is getting folks absolutely nowhere. We’re ALL EQUAL in the eyes of God. Time to start acting like it, Just saying.

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