Our Brave Leader, Obama To Use Pen & Sign Exec Order Today: Fed Employees Wage $7.25- $10.10

Our Brave Leader, Obama To Use Pen & Signs Exec Order Today: Fed Min Wage  $7.25- $10.10

UPDATE:  It is suggested this is for Federal workers?

This will put many Mom & Pops out of business when it’s all across the board. And, then you’ll get your $10.10 alright–for awhile.  Then, you’ll be on unemployment because your employer is screwed.  It would have been better to double shift as long as you could have.  So, everyone is frucked now.  You’ll see.

The president, who is set to sign the order at a ceremony in the White House East Room on Wednesday afternoon, announced his plan to take unilateral action at last month’s State of the Union Address and hike the minimum wage for low-wage workers to $10.10 from the current rate of $7.25.

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Upcoming insanity..

He said he can ‘do whatever he wants..’  And, you peons can’t stop him in congress because you lack the cojones.

9 thoughts on “Our Brave Leader, Obama To Use Pen & Sign Exec Order Today: Fed Employees Wage $7.25- $10.10

  1. EXCELLENT! 154 million brain in the arse Amerikaners re-elected the Nigger Scum. Now enjoy your fruit. Amerikaners LOVE and root for COMMUNISM. For that’s what the Minimum Wage is about. What makes Amerikaners dumber than a crate of rocks they can’t see the Sodomite Nigger plan to expand govt. assistance programmes because, in his own words: “these programmes of social insurance benefit all of us – Dec. 4, 2013 speech to the Socialist (emphasis) Centre for American Progress.

    Fed Min Wage $7.25- $10.10. Scratch my bottom and laugh in glee! Did you know, you stupid, utterly stupid Amerikaners that in 39 states, welfare pays more than $8 an hour? In 8 states, welfare pays more than the average public school teacher’s salary.

    BUT, Amerikaners do not mind , not at all. Lovely to be a parasite, add more numbers to the Iliteracy populace, become yobs, scumbags, and more time in porn indulging, China-Russia-bashing, and root for more invasion/murder/plunder of nations that will feed their parasitic stomachs, with GMO Franken foods.

    Well done! Keep it up Amerikaners. You are a Continent of Illiterate Morons. Now you’ll become a Continent of Useless Eaters the rest of the world must eliminate.

    Meanwhile, China has just bought your Brooklyn bridge, loaned your miserable US govt 10 tons of GOLD, and is busy ridding your toilet $ and replacing it with the GOLD BACKED Yuan that the rest of the world are buying and trading in.

  2. Qv: China didnt buy the Brooklyn bridge, that was a joke.

    Fed Min Wage $7.25- $10.10. Scratch my bottom and laugh in glee!

    Have to say that I laugh at the Commies that voted for this shit 😀 Like the bookstore down the street from me, they suck Obamas hoo hah.
    They wont EVER be able to pay employees $10 an hour

  3. What Obama did was sign an EO that the minimum wage for those hired with Federal contracts is $10.10. However, all he basically did was sign a suggestion. That’s all it is legally.

  4. No, not even Obama would try to raise the all across the board for everyone MW by fiat.

    And even what it purportedly does, set a 10.10 MW for people employed in private industry fulfilling a Federal contract, that doesn’t even apply to current already let Federal contracts, and doesn’t even technically apply to future ones because there are always negotiations between whatever Federal agency and the private firm.

    So all Obama did was issue a big giant suggestion.

    His other big executive action was an order that instructs Federal agencies not to discriminate against the long term unemployed (LTUE) in hiring decisions. That’s also something of a paper tiger — Let’s say you’re LTUE and you apply for a Fed job, and don’t get hired. Good luck winning a discrimination lawsuit. And besides, grounds for discrimination have to be a matter of actual law, passed by Congress and signed by the President, not some Presidential suggestion.

  5. While you fret about minimum wage, and debating whether to pay your rent, electricity, or put food on the table Amerikaners, , the UGLY Nigger Slut your fellow Amerikaners re-elected to put you out on the streets, wore a $12,000 dress as the Sodomite Nigger Scum your fellow Amerikaners re-elected talked with France’s napoleon wanna be, the hideous Failure, Hollande. The same one who can’t keep his hands off any woman. Bit like Bill Klingon, eh? At least we can excuse Bill for keeping his fly open. Seen his wife Shitlery?

    The Victim? SYRIA.

    Both America, backed by the UN stooges and the rest of the Sunni muslim arselicking West have now threatened tough new sanctions against Syria should it fail to allow UNRESTRICTED aid deliveries to ‘civilians’. Russia and China believe the resolution is simply paving the way for military strikes against Syria and promised to veto it. Because of this, China and Russia have both chosen to skip the Security Council Meeting on Humanitarian aid to Syria. Chinese ambassador, Liu Jieyi, said the humanitarian resolutions would disrupt the political talks in Geneva.
    This made the midget Hollande scold Russia. Never mind that France that is BANKRUPT. Even after murdering Gaddafi and stealing his Gold, Libya’s Gold, and ALL the billions!!

    So you see, readers dear, when I say Westerners are SHAMELESS PARASITES, it is because Proof is in abundance. Not only are they Parasites, they are also MURDERERS! Very happy, willing Murderers. To assuage the hunger gnawing their vitals.

    Any Westerner care to debate?

    Why the heck do I comment on this? Prelude to WWIII. Savvy.

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