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The Next Country America/EU Plans To Take Down: Hungary?  John McCain Chastises Hungary:


Decrepit wacko:  Stay out of other people’s countries and go to a nursing home.

Read below and discern for yourselves.  In my opinion, McCain is saying:  “Either you elect an EU/USSA puppet as your leader or we build an opposition group and tear your streets apart, just as we did in Ukraine.”  THAT is what he is saying…in my own synopsis.   Comical, also – is McCain saying “The free world.”  America?  The free world? Ha.  We were ranked 47, next to Romania just the other day.   Shut up!!  You old, senile dirtbag.

US Senator John McCain visited Budapest on Friday and made these comments in a press release. He added, “The United States and the rest of the free world have an abiding interest in Hungary’s continued development as a strong, inclusive, and tolerant democracy, with a free market economy, an independent judiciary, and a free media. It is our hope that Hungary’s upcoming election will demonstrate the vibrancy, competitiveness, and fairness of Hungarian democracy.”

{This happened a couple weeks ago, Posted on January 31st, 2014}


RamZPaul is visiting Hungary, this is his opinion: