#MT #DNC Unveiled: The New Democrat Party Symbol For 2014 Elections

#MT #DNC Unveiled:  The New Democrat Party Symbol For 2014 Elections

An art collage from November 2013

The DNC: Bringing you Communism with filth, debauchery, war, undermining foreign countries, dead babies, unwed mothers, unnatural marriage, black on white racism, race-hustling, white-male hating, illegals,  high taxes,  deficit-spending, anti-American bigotry, feminist-fascism, man-hate, dumbed-down children, ungodliness, pornography, sexual promiscuity, pot-heads, drug-abusers, Jihad lovers and the destruction of our once nice country since 1963.

If these things fit your dream for America: Vote Democrat.

8 thoughts on “#MT #DNC Unveiled: The New Democrat Party Symbol For 2014 Elections

  1. ‘I love your post Jewess but to equate smoking pot to murdering babies is just batshit crazy.;

    Its the mindset, not the pot, itself.
    However: I was also a pot-smoker as a yung un. It made me as stupid as I am today

  2. DemParty? Well, the Bush family are not done yet. Here’s their half-Hispanic to take all Hispanic votes!

    The younger is now campaigning for Land Commissioner in Texas… 4th Gen Political Dynasty, y’all with Presidential ambitions, to boot, to be the 3rd George Bush president.
    He’s fourth generation. His great, great grandfather Prescott Bush was involved in Nazi financing. America has ever since, LOVED Nazis, and works with Nazis since 1947. America is now sending NWO Mass Murderers NATO to murder as many as possible in Ukraine come July. Amerikaners must be thrilled to see another Serbia in the making. America and NATO are joined at the hip! Believe it.

    Interested, go to Daily Sheeple. They have the full story.

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