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Vladimir Putin, America’s Fake Boogey-Man

The MSM, left wing, Anti-American Communists want RU to change their anti-gay propaganda laws.  It’s not up to these freaks to change others countries.


AND, many Commie “Liberal” commentators believe that the ‘far right’ glorifies Putin.  Quite the contrary:  Many patriotic American people are stuck in 1985.  They still believe that Russia is coming to take over the government through Communism.  Our government has already been turning to Communism for 25 plus years.  Without the aid of Vladmir Putin, Medvedev or Yeltsin, etc.

Many patriots believe that Obama works for Putin: Putin hates Obama. Obama hates Putin.   We are in Ukraine, financing ‘protesters’ from Europe who have turned the streets of Kiev upside down.
That could make for a Serajevo moment.

And, if that wasnt enough, now John McCain went to Hungary chastising Hungarians. What is our government going to start there??  Still not enough, our government is also in Thailand, screwing the t-party type folks there–they are tired of the tyranny in Thailand…Still not enough, we are also in Bahrain.

Putin is an X Soviet.  Obama is FULL THROTTLE Soviet. The enemy to fear is not Putin (unless Obama engages him to WW3) our enemy is OBAMA, period.

When Obama was caught red-handed advising Medvedev that he will ‘have more flexibility’, the FOOL thought that Russia was still a Stalinist/Soviet country.  And, it was time to relinquish America to Russia as the Communist goals state:  1963 Communist Goals For America

The only reason we would have to fear Russia is if Obama engages a war in Ukraine and that may have already taken place: Whole House/Congress Votes To War With Russia & Jump In To The Ukrainian Crisis.

You should worry more about what Obama is doing and not harassing other bloggers & personalities about the Russians. 

My 2 cents this am. You don’t have to agree… But, in my opinion-it is what it is.