Hey Idiot @timjacobwise – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

Hey Idiot @timjacobwise  – THIS Is What White “Privilege” Looks Like:

“Evil,” white, teen, high-school president has to pay for what white racists did in the south in 2014 for the early 1960’s:

A white student who is senior class president and has a 4.4 GPA was attacked by a black male student in front of numerous witnesses.

Click-Affirmative action punishment. High School suspends white class president after he is attacked by a black student.

`Meanwhile, TJWise, you just keep worrying about flesh colored bandaids & whitey shampoo (which has GMO-poison-type toxins in it, but black shampoo does not)   We’ll worry about injustice and persecution, eventually mass white genocide. (American white genocide is already in early stages), thanks to dumbbells like Wise who thinks that 50 years of black on white racism is not enough to suffice Liberal black bastards & their Communist enablers.

Isn’t 5 decades of black on white bigotry enough?? Not to leftists.  Its NEVER enough.

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  2. Hello,
    I made a Comment on “The White Voice”, asking “The Mad Jewess” “Jews are White? Now I’ve heard everything” and I got banned soon after….. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why.. Most Jews will tell you they are NOT White or Goyim, but you seem to fully embrace it and alot of Right Wing ideals… This makes me incredibly suspicious of your motives, but FULLY explains why I was banned from commenting…..
    Great Infiltration
    Thank You, Noah Salak

  3. you seem to fully embrace it and alot of Right Wing ideals… This makes me incredibly suspicious of your motive

    I am a half goy. My mother is a Portuguese/Sephardic Jew, my father is American Indian. Portuguese/Sephardic is Caucasian. American Indian is Asian.

    I recognize both ‘evil’ sides of my nasty patriotic American self (Jews are SUPPOSED to be patriotic for the nation that hosts them)

    AND, I see. Even though I am a Jew, I am not allowed to be right minded or a right winger because you liberal ‘Jews’ are immoral, wicked, debaucherous slime?
    I am not supposed to take up the cause of whites because its not right?
    Even though there are dead whites all over America at the hands of blacks.
    Even though Jews are beaten up in Crown heights, Brooklyn for WWJ: walking while Jew.

    You were banned from commenting on the white voice, but somehow this is my fault?

    “Great infiltration?”

    “Infiltrating” what? We Jews must all tow the line of the Communist/Liberals, eh???…even though they murdered us in Russia. And, I am supposed to be liberal, even though they murdered us in NAZI Germany.. Looks like YOU are the Erav Rav who is the infiltrator and not the true.

    My husband is David Ben Moshe from the hard right, http://WWW.JTF.ORG
    This is him on the left:

    Most Jews are not white.. OK.
    Tell it to:

    Michael Savage, Cauc Jewish Russian and also a white advocate.

    You have your head up your ass if you REALLY believe that a Jew who loves God is supposed to be for:
    * homosexual marriage
    * baby murder

    Being that it is written:
    Leviticus Chapter 18 וַיִּקְרָא
    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

    Jeremiah Chapter 2 יִרְמְיָהוּ

    Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the innocent poor.

    Stay with the National Socialist Liberal “Progressives”, Noah. “Liberals” who are going after your guns, turning on the Jews (As they ALWAYS do) and march to the Fema Camps.
    It aint the right wing that is the fascist, it is ALWAYS the left. Learn your history from another source outside of your Bolshevik colleges.

    BTW: Brainiac….This is my song for Israel. I am AsheDina-

    Now, run along, fascist. I will comment where I damned well please and help those that are in trouble. Right now, whites ARE in trouble. Fact.

  4. Noah S wins first prize for “Most Idiotic Statements in One Paragraph.

    I suspect he’s a nignog; he “thinks” like one.

    Thinks not-white mean goy. Whatta dope.

    Says most Jews will tell you they are not white. Name ONE, douche.

    I’m a Polish Jew. Does it get any MORE white, dipshit?

  5. Avrum: I went to the white voice and said ‘disgusting’ about a crime perp’d by a dumb son of Obama.
    That’s all.

    And, this little dribble mouth went ballistic.

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