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3 Blogs Have Unlinked Us. We Have Unlinked You Also

We will just add blogs over the next month that are nice to us, reblog us and are not half ass blog friendlies.

A couple of these blogs, I have NO idea why they unlinked us.  We have helped advance the same cause you are advancing: Conservative & godly principles.  Some of you have also seen a very large rise in your stats.  This has also been in part because of our humble blog linking your blog.  You didn’t have enough guts to say: “Hey, we’re not on the same page anymore?”  Maybe some of these sites think we don’t do enough? Maybe they upgraded? I dont give a damn anymore what the issue is &  whatever the case may be, we have unlinked you also.  Have a nice life.  Don’t look for us to link you daily as well.  We won’t link you ever again.