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This post is for our friend, QV.

There is a lot of talk about giraffes.  The Danes are mistreating their giraffes & other animals: Thousands of zoo animals killed in Europe yearly

We are not supposed to hurt animals.  We’re to treat animals with care.  Humans were given dominion over the beasts of the fields.  Why?  Because, God, in his infinite wisdom gave man dominion.  He believed that mankind could take care of animals.  Since God gave this great responsibility to man, should not mankind respect this position? 

When I see suffering inflicted upon animals, I just about go nutty and can’t sleep.  Shame on the Danes for this.  Obviously, the animals that are entrapped should be sent to the Buddhists.  The Buddhists can care for them until strong enough to make it on their own, then set them free.




Love, Me.