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Former Rep Tancredo: ‘Impeachment: The Obvious Answer to Obama Dictatorship’ (Sign Petition Here)

I want you to know that Tancredo is the only former or present Rep who has been consistently calling for Obama’s impeachment since 2010:

See here: Tom Tancredo – The case for impeachment – Washington Times

Here: Tom Tancredo calls impeachment Obama as is risk to America

And, this latest one: Hat tip: QV Former Rep. Tancredo: ‘Impeachment:

Executive orders are legitimate when confined to legitimate areas of executive discretion and administrative implementation of the law. They are NOT legitimate as a way of making new laws, and that is where Obama is radically different from other presidents.


“Obama uses executive orders and sometimes administrative decrees issued by his Cabinet officers or their subordinates not to implement laws but to create new law, which is a power given to Congress by the Constitution. Allowing Obama to continue doing this with impunity is an invitation to disaster for our constitutional democracy.


“It is time for the Republican leadership to conduct an intervention for a president who has become addicted to dictatorial behavior. Lets stop being the enablers through silence for unconstitutional acts.”

Petition congress to impeach Obama and throw him out.  He has already started numeral revolts in the middle east.  Add Ukraine, Thailand and Bahrain to the list (sign here) – Impeach President Obama | Petition2Congress (Sign it, get it moving)

Would you Democrat (Communists) allow a Republican to get away with this?  No.  Why are you allowing Obama? Because you are bigots who will not hold a black man to the same account as a white man & walk on eggshells around black people instead of treating them equally.  The Democrats are proving Ann Coulter correct in her latest rant: