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WW3 Alert: Ukraine, Fed Up With  Mos Of EU/USA Interference-Release Fighter Jets & Tanks. What Say Ms Nuland?


Where is fat mouth, Ms Nuland with her “F THE EU?”

Ukraine, who has had just about enough of the EU/USA led ‘protesters’ in Kiev, have released fighter jets and tanks into the populace.  John McCain and Victoria Nuland must be having massive, sporadic, orgasmic, ecstasy spasms–they LOVE war & death…Just like the good liberals they are. 

Western powers represented by the EU and the US have nothing to stand on to protect Ukraine and can only offer lip-service at best. So once again, it appears that Ukraine is doomed and the best one can hope for there, is that Russia will allow the West to leave.

The rest:  Ukraine’s Military Releases The Armored Vehicles And Fighter Jets

Meanwhile…we have the 2 biggest fruitcakes:  Krauthammer and O’Reilly, who want to engage in World War 3 against Russia just because they have a hard-on for Vladimir Putin. 

An art collage from March 2013

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