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Blacks Are Mowing Down White People. Is It Time For A Violent Reponse @ProfessorCrunk?

Of course, this headline is just to get your attention.

Salon’s half wit, Brittney Cooper wants a racial riot, she is calling for a violent response against ‘white on black’ violence.

BUT, it looks like some whites have just about had enough of the bs:

**Let us sanely try to remind this buffoon that black males are committing many racial crimes: Black on White Crime

I thought Obama’s kingship was going to stop the racial divide?  Well, I guess I was wrong.  And, Cooper is wrong as well, since she wants MORE violence.  If a white person went out and started demanding violence against blacks, they would be thrown in the prison for inciting racism, be labeled NAZI, KKK, White Supremacist, etc..  But, when Britney Cooper (a demented, psycho, black Liberal) does it, its not racism, its OK.   It’s ALL good.

Why are blacks–in general, (no, not all) not held to the same account as white people in race/hate crimes?   Why?  Because “Liberal” whites treat black people like dogs.  They don’t hold them to the same account because they believe that blacks are sub-human.  Hence, “Liberals” (Communists) are against the equality they preach.

(The woman above was punched in the face for telling this fine human above that he didn’t have enough change.)

Imagine if a white man did this:

Ms Cooper: Wake up you stupid lady!