Instructions For ‘Protesters’ Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical

Instructions For Protesters Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical

It does not even matter how much evidence we have gathered here on our humble blog regarding Ukraine being an EU/USA/Soros lead ‘protests’.   And, so many conservatives are caught in the disillusion & are supporting the NGO (Soros Non Governmental Orgs) in Ukraine.   We here at the Mad Jewess are patriotic, conservative peace-lovers who are tired of American/EU lead warring all over the map.   Mark my words:  Ukraine is Egypt, Libya, Syria redux, this pamphlet of instructions is 100% proof.  

WE are trying to get you the truth.  The other outlets are lying to you:


 You can see where some more of these pamphlets are found:

CLICK (The Atlantic)
CLICK (The Guardian) 

I wrote how the tents and the helmets are the same as they were in Tahrir Square about 3 wks ago:  Isn’t It Interesting That The Ukrainian Rioters are wearing the same helmets in Kiev?   – The Mad Jewess


Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Read what this blogger has to say, he is right on:

Very intelligent person in Alabama….

10 thoughts on “Instructions For ‘Protesters’ Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical

  1. I saw something similar in another website that a lot of FAKE is used by Amerikaners, Europeans — like flying the Indian flag in Libya and calling it Libyans protest against Gaddafi.



  2. Paul Craig Roberts says the next war will finish off all of us. I say, follow what the Bible says.

    The present mindset of Amerikaners appears to be DEATH WISH.

    It is a well known fact that Amerikaners cannot take hardships, are not prepared to make sacrifices, that they are ready to lie and die. This is what a welfare system has wrought.


  3. UKRAINE PROTESTS: – The TRUTH Behind The KIEV Uprising

    CIA Agent Captured In Ukraine Helping Ukranian Protesters

  4. Great Catch TMJ !!!
    I haven’t read his book. But when I see that video, I can’t help to imagine an American Spring which will say it will bring more freedom, but actually will bring a central power once for all, where the Citizen will be strip from all his rights.
    Dystopia ? Yes absolutely

  5. The bombastic proclamations aka LIES, LIES, LIES from the Greedy EU Barrosu and Van Rompuy explained to Ukrainians that the so called association agreement of Ukraine with the European Union will be a boon in itself, since Ukraine will be joining a zone of prosperity and stability.

    The situation today February 2014 in EU.

    1) The nations of EU—France, Spain, Italy, as well as Greece—are all facing political instability as the financial crisis grinds on, especially in the banking sector, a veteran City of London analyst warned. Austria is facing a potential banking “doom loop” due to the government’s efforts to create a bad bank from the toxic assets of nationalized Hypo Alpe Adria bank, which is causing a big drain on the government’s limited financial resources. Therefore, the EU Vampires have deemed that All Euians Personal Pension Savings as Plug for banks.
    Reuters reported “the savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.”
    While the top 1% rape and reap . From their fellow Euians.
    Not to worry, Amerikaners. Coming your way, too. Let’s see you sing and dance that it is ‘democracy, human rights’ as they throw you in the streets in just a loin cloth . That’s the future of Ukrainians if they join the EU. Not to worry, RUSSIA will go to war before she allows Ukraine to be dismembered. This is not the 1990’s.

    2) There are continuing strikes and demonstrations in Greece and Cyprus. Want to know why? After the EU vampires had stolen ALL the Gold from both countries, they now want the privatization of Cyprus’ profitable SGOs. Namely, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Ports Authority.

    3) In Greece, the mother fucking , child raping EU vampires want increased taxes on farmers (so the mother fucking Euians can continue feasting on caviar, dom perignon, and Wagyu beef) while Greek farmers, their family, and the Greek people starve. Will you tolerate this in America, Amerikaner?

    And this is what you utterly stupid Amerikaners want for Ukraine? Funding terrorists, jihadists, Nazis, fascists to destroy a European country? And then you scream ‘’’ the blacks are bashing, killing whites…….” While you kill whites in East Europe.

    Let you on a little secret. Who are the BEST nations who always have the upper hand when dealing with the EU? Ah ha, Russia and China. They have EU dancing to their tune. Emerging nations have learnt from these two countries that the Eurozone is the Major Threat to Europe’s Economy. Not to emerging nations. Savvy?

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