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SO? Statue Of Saddam Hussein Came Down, Were Is Iraq Today? (Statues Of Lenin Fall In Ukraine)

People are making a big deal out of some statues coming down in Ukraine.  Big deal, some statues of Lenin came down.  Its not the statues of Lenin that were the issue and problem, it is the IDEOLOGY that is evil.  Statues also came down in Iraq, and how do the Iraqi’s live now??  How will the Ukrainians live? And, what fascist will we install to turn their lives upside down?

Ukraine, today (Statue of Lenin)


Iraq, 2003 (Statue of Saddam Hussein)


How do the Iraqi’s live now? Iraq violence: Almost 50 killed in car bomb wave Feb 18, 2014
Iraq: Jihadists murder at least 15 people with bombs … – Dec 2013

Jihad in Iraq: 66 people killed & over 120 wounded … November 2013


Emotions destroy logic and reason.

My husband has a friend that lives in Iraq and travels back and forth.  He says Iraq is a disaster zone, very unsafe since America invaded.