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So, What “Leader” Will Obama/Soros/EU Hand Power In Ukraine? Probably ANOTHER Morsi

Former Soviet citizen, now in USA is sick over what is happening:

What right do WE have to go into that country and demand the removal of ANOTHER leader?  What ‘dictatorship?’  And when did we hear about this ‘dictatorship’ before January?  We didn’t.

Americans were played like fools again by Soros/EU/Obama USA just as they were with Egypt, Libya and Syria.  What leader will Obama and Company put into power in Ukraine?

Probably someone like Morsi, a fascist-extremist..

Another country undermined, bought and paid for by America/Soros/EU: Ukraine.  And, American conservatives were for this & supported the Soros-lead ‘protesters’ who were PAID to protest..  We should not holler when our nation is turned upside down since we have aided in destroying yet, another country, ie: Egypt, Libya, Syria, now Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland in Kiev:

John McCain in Kiev:

McCain’s boss:

U.S. Sen. John McCain Shakes Hands, Chats With George Soros at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

I warned you. This could start WW3. You were played like FOOLS over Ukraine.  FOOLS.  You believed the media again – just as you did with Egypt, Libya and Syria.  Well, I didn’t and I WON’T.