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Monument To Soldiers Who Died Liberating Ukraine From Nazis Toppled

Of course…You will not hear about this in the media because they are only showing pictures of Lenin statues coming down…

AND, This is what Soros/EU/ObamaUSA is helping resume power in Ukraine… !?  We are NO fans of Communism at all, (we hate it with a passion)  But take a statue down of those who liberated your own people at the end of WW2 from the NAZIs? Awful! Evil!  In our opinion, Ukraine is going from bad policy to worse.

Thanks GOP-Bots & Obama-trons.

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Ukrainian: Демонтували пам’ятник «Солдату» (фото, відео)

Translated: Dismantled monument “Soldier” (photo, video, in the link)




Looks like Chabad Rabbi is right:  Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine: Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

More brilliant foreign policy brought to you by John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Barack Hussein Osama with Soros.