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Now That Ukraine Is Upside Down, Why Was John McCain In Hungary? Same Type Scenario As Ukr: RUSSIAN Energy

So, who is actually starting this new cold war with Russia?  Putin? Or McCain/Obama et al?


So, let’s see what McCain himself had to say about his time in Budapest.  

We understand the concerns about the state of democracy in Hungary that have been raised by people both inside and outside of this country. Some of these concerns are very serious…. The United States and the rest of the free world have an abiding interest in Hungary’s continued development as a strong, inclusive, and tolerant democracy, with a free market economy, an independent judiciary, and a free media.” During the conversations “we also expressed our hope that Hungary will address its energy security needs in ways that further diversify Europe’s supply of energy.

Inotherwords: If you don’t submit to the EU plan of energy, we will send in ‘protesters?’  Selah, think.

McCain is criticizing the state of democracy in Hungary and also must have shared his ‘concerns’ over Hungary’s sole reliance on Russian energy sources.

It is quite possible that we may just see a staged ‘revolt’ in Hungary given that McCain wants the Hungarians to submit to the EU because Hungary relies on Russia for its energy. (PRAY that this does NOT happen) For the sake of the citizens of Hungary.   I hope you understand that this is the same type case scenario as Ukraine and their reliance on RU energy.    And, that is what is happening in a nutshell: McCain must get paid BIG bux to tout for the Saudis and their oil;  ditto the failing, Marxist, Muslim, ass-kissing EU.   At least you can say a good thing about RU, they do NOT ass-kiss Muslims and are against radical LGBT.

I posted on this last week: The Next Country America/EU Plans To Take Down: Hungary? John McCain Chastises Hungary:

Below:  Yankovych with the Hungarian nations leader,
Viktor Orbán in ’12.

Viktor Yanukovych and Viktor Orbán in March 2012 during a short visit to Kiev