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John McCain Supported This: Synagogue In #Ukraine Was Firebombed W/ Molotov Cocktails

This is what John McCain helped take over Ukraine.  It will probably only get worse as time goes on.  I tried to tell people, almost everyday what was happening in Ukraine and I got told off, saying I was a Communist (LOL) for ‘supporting’ Russia.  Whatever.  I am just trying to blog the truth, here.  Now, the very small community of Jews in Ukraine could be persecuted.  Thanks a lot you idiots that supported this crap and made light of me.

Eastern Ukraine synagogue hit by firebombs

East Ukraine Synagogue Hit by Firebombs

Jewish community center, synagogue firebombed in Ukraine

John McCain with leader of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party (right)

Ukraine protests - links to the far right? (Reuters)

Any Jew that supported this violent insanity in Ukraine:  YOU. ARE. NUTS.

The Chabad Rabbi In Kiev was right, Ukraine: Tells Kiev’s Jews to leave.. …