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The GOP Must Demand Sen. McCain Resign For His Affiliation W/ #Ukraine Neo Nazi Party Leader


I am going to email my gathered information to the GOP here in Arizona and ask you to do the same.  This cannot be ignored.  John McCain has:

#1.   Undermined an elected government in Ukraine.  Aided in engaging violent rioters, many who were from other countries in an attempted coup de’etat.

#2.  Has been pictured the fascist, Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leader, Oleh Tyahnybok on a ‘business trip.’

#3.  By this affiliation, we have already witnessed: Eastern Ukraine synagogues hit by firebombs

#4. We have also heard from a Chabad Rabbi who tells Jews in Ukraine to leave: Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine: Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

#5. We have also seen: #Ukraine Monument To Soldiers Who Died Liberating Ukraine From Nazis Has Been Toppled

#6.  Has also been in Hungary chastising the Hungarian government: Now That Ukraine Is Upside Down, Why Was John McCain In Hungary?

We, all the people demand the removal of Senator John McCain, effective immediately.  We cannot have this in the American government.  Things must change. NOW.

See all of the pictures here (I dont agree with some of their posts, but for the most part, they are accurate)….  AND, Pictures are not “Russian propaganda”  –It is what it is.  And, McCain supports who he supports: Ukrainian Fascist-Nazis

Ukraine protests - links to the far right? (Reuters)

Please copy this above and email it to the GOP. 

Enough of John McCain. He was already bad enough, but this takes the cake.

John Mccain also said the Tea Party was negative, but violent rioters are a ‘just cause’