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Happy Now, Leftist Bastards & PHONY Patriots?  Ukraine Now Has Neo-Nazi’s In Their Government, YOU ANIMALS.


We were right from the beginning and got called ‘conspiracy theorists’ & “Russian Propagandists”   *You A$$HOLES.….The left is always looking for the fake, white, boogeyman here in America….. But, have NO problem with their neo-con, FRAUD, ‘patriot’, ‘conservative’ enablers installing NAZIS & Muslim terrorists into other countries..

Oleh Tyahnybok:  This POS went to Chechnya where he fought WITH Muslim terrorists against the Russians.  He has also been accused of torturing and beheading captured Russian soldiers. I hope the Russians take him out.  Muslims, Commies, Nazis… Sickening.

Former Soviet citizen, now in USA is sick over what is happening:

‘The party, which has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia, says Daily Caller, below’

Oh gimme a break, thats stating it MILDLY.  

The guy is an outright nazi who just wants Ukraine for Ukrainians only, period. He hates ANYONE not pure-blooded Ukrainian.   How will this work out for Ukrainian Russians?    He is just like Obama – who hates anyone not a Trayvon.

“Anti semitic??”  I cant stand many left-wing Jews but I dont want to just kill everyone who does not think just like me.  That is what this man’s ideology is.   I dont want to just kill everyone who does not look like ME. Thats anti-
American.  He’s a Ukrainian NAZI.

This is him:

From the Daily Caller where they banned me:  HERE…  ALSO: My friend, a Brit in Ukraine tried to warn people of this in 2012: Graham Phillips

Michael Savage finally woke up to this COUP DE’TAT: SAVAGE INTERVIEW: U.S. teaming with neo-Nazis in Ukraine

People wonder why I am frustrated, angered, outraged to the point of wanting total seclusion from many American humans. 

(‘Soldier’ is a Ukrainian Nazi, See the “N” on his helmet? He is also a Svoboda party member, no doubt.)

Ukraine protester1

I digress:  Why shouldn’t a NAZI come into power?  Soros helped Nazis and delighted in seeing his fellow Jews murdered, plus 5.5 mil plus Christians.  Soros claimed responsibility for the Ukrainian disaster: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

More pictures of this a$$wipe & NAZI propaganda:

Oleh Tyahnybok



By the way:  We had a sudden death. Our friend just died a few days ago- just like that.  It grieved me more than I had realized the other day.