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Our TOUGH Military Under Obama, Complete W/ Drag Shows & Females Will Take On Putin

No wonder Russia has anti homosexual propaganda laws..


“Progressives” are so effin stupid about the world it makes my head spin. They think just because they are ‘tolerant’ that everyone in the world is that way..  If the “Conservatives” and Obama’s Commies take us into WW3, are they gonna arm these little mary’s with fancy little gloves for their limp wrists? Whip cream pies? Glitter-bombs? Lilac soda?  Yeah….that’ll work against the Spetsnaz.

More on this crap here: here



Verses this:


My grandparents must be rolling in their graves. I am totally sickened. Sad & disgusted.  I don’t know how ANY man can actually serve in the US military at this point.